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Thread: Videos: Debug Firmware on Retail PS3 via PS Downgrade Demo

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    Videos: Debug Firmware on Retail PS3 via PS Downgrade Demo

    A few weeks back we saw a video of PS Downgrade in action, and today ANTONIOPS at Spanish site (linked above) has posted up some videos showing PS3 Debug Firmware v2.15 being installed via PSDowngrade on a 40GB Retail version 3.41 console followed by running a PS Store demo.

    Normally PlayStation 3 service boxes require a proper downgrade PUP file, however, comparing the SHA1 hash of the released PUP confirms it contains nothing special (just the old 3.41) so there appears to be something 'interesting' taking place when downgrading via PS Downgrade.

    To quote, roughly translated: The noise you hear when you turn on the PS3 is the reader who is half repaired.

    The Debug firmware I've installed the firmware downgrade PSDowngrade 3.41 to 2.15 Debug.

    At the moment can only run signed code, such as a PS Store demo.

    Those interested can check out the videos below!

    Finally, in related news comes a brief guide from gliitch on installing PS3 Debug Firmware v1.0 on a Retail Console:

    [ROoT] Level2Diag.self(1)/UPDAT.PUP(DEBUG1.0)

    Put your PS3 into service mode, then once its powered down, plug in your usb stick with the files. it takes about 4 or so minutes to complete.

    Wait for it to finish, and then turn the PS3 back on O_0 and vollia! 1.0 Debug on a retail PS3. Now, there isn’t much point in doing this as it doesn’t really have anything on it. :D

    You can update straight back to FW 3.41 via usb by [RoOT] PS3/UPDAT.PUP/

    [imglink=|Videos: Debug Firmware on Retail PS3 via PS Downgrade Demo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jackieboy8 Guest
    This is so cool. So soon we upgrade to 3.50 debug fw and jailbreak using some debug codes. Great thx psjailbreak team!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Thats interesting. But no unsigned code?

    So we have some debug files in ACID cfw and we figuered out what to do to be bale to use HB.But we still have troubles to get Debug options displayed.

    Would be interesting to talk with him and maybe gen a mixed pup with acid cfw files in it ready to install.

    Next dayes will be interesting. My team will work night and day. Thats a real great competition

    -Happy Hacking to every one-

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    FMAranda Guest
    Ow, the old fw, with the old start up sound, the PlayStation 3 with spider-man font. If i could i would put one of the older fw just to get these features back.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Now thats the best ever thing you can do with psdowngrade, awesome.

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    Kiriller Guest
    NO WAY.. YESS! Sweet, loving the daily news more and more Keep it up devs!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No not really.

    The debug doesn't play unsigned code and if you want to profit of all this nice apps from the ps3 hb sceene you still will need a jb device.

    So its neard to see but to time... not really of profit. You even lose BD Movie support along with some other nice things like a in Game XMB

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    shummyr Guest
    This device even though you have to pay for it keeps getting better and better, its so nice to be able to make ones own debug soon.

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    TUHTA Guest
    YES but we can downgrade back to Retail Firmware. So just to try it, to try debugger and other cool stuff that Debug Firmware will bring to us!

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    JailCenterKZ Guest
    Don't play with debugger so much So.. what about to install retail FW 3.50 on debug console?

    I'm going to try this one

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