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    Videos: Custom PS3 Boot Logo Creator Homebrew App Arrives

    Today zembor0 has released a Custom PS3 Boot Logo Creator homebrew application alongside some videos of the mods in action with a guide detailed below.

    Download: Custom PS3 Boot Logo Creator / Cold Boot Creator Source Code / Windows Logo Example / conDone Piracy Example / PS1 Animated PS3 Coldboot by Glowball1 / Boot Logo Creator.7z (19.84 MB)

    To quote: Here is my tool to help you make your custom PS3 boot logos.

    For examples: (thx to mrmuppet and me)

    You will need:
    • Photoshop (To create your Boot Logo)
    • Photoshop DDS plugin (To allow you to edit the Logo)
    • The attached Boot Logo Creator
    • SimplyZip

    Basic Instructions:

    1. Install Photoshop
    2. Install the DDS Plugin NVIDIA Plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop (Normal/Cube Maps, DDS)
    3. Edit your DDS files
    4. Run Coldboot Creator and follow the steps

    Full Instructions:

    1. After You have installed Photoshop and the dds plug-in you will need to open the dds files in the "Boot Logo's (dds's)" Folder. When you open the DDS click on "Load Using Default Sizes"

    2. When you have created your desired logo you have to save it with these settings:

    3. Repeat this for all 6 pictures Do Not resize the pictures (Resolution)
    4. Run "Coldboot Creator.exe" and select "Step1"

    5. You will need to convert you DDS files to GTF files, to do this Click "Convert Pictures" and follow the instructions.
    6. When you have converted your pictures Browse to all the files it asks for:

    7. Press Start and it should say Success, then close that window and click Step2
    8. Follow the on screen instructions with pictures to compress the step1 file

    9. Click step3
    10. Browse to the required files and click finish to create the final Coldboot.raf

    11. Copy the Coldboot.raf to /dev_flash/vsh/resource on your ps3 (You will need a way to write to flash eg. Asbestos or FreeFlash 3.55 compiled or dev_blind)

    Do not change the size of the images (Resolution)There are no checks, if you change the size your coldboot will not work!

    I have tested this on 3.55, it should work on 3.41 since the Coldboot.raf files are the same (Correct me if i'm wrong)

    Thanks to: eustolio for How to Create a Custom PS3 Boot Logo By Editing Coldboot.raf Tutorial and everyone who has contributed to the PS3 scene.

    Download: Glowball1's PS3_Gameboot / XMB Customize PKG

    Finally, below is a PS3 Dynamic Snow Theme Tutorial from Glowball1 (via, How To Make a PS3 Dynamic GlideShow Theme and a Create Custom PS3 ColdBoot Tutorial by TizzyT:


    Videos: Custom PS3 Boot Logo Creator Homebrew App Arrives

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    pretty cool, might have to lend a hand.. and make some nice Custom-Logos.

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    This is so much cool, now I need to find the font used on that old Sony Computer Entertainment boot logo, I already have the sound.


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    FMAranda, the font is Clarendon Bold Expanded. Good luck finding it though, it's a commercial font and costs 25.

    Attached the .ttf zipped below. My father was nice enough to find it for me. Such a show off.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    used dev_blind on ps3 CFW 3.55 kmeaw it works! the coldboot i used is the conDone piracy my heart was beating so fast! i thought i would brick my ps3!

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    Thanks to you both, you guys are amazing.

    Now I'll try to create the logo and I'll post here the result.

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    I`ve also tried Dev_Blind and also can mount flash, but if i try to overwrite or delete i cant. Anything i miss here? Ive tried with the windows example.

    Greets Modmate

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    *jumps on the bandwagon*

    enjoy my aussie flavoured boot logo.

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    Well, i got it. DEV_Blind just works fine with OpenFTP 1.3 . Blackbox wont work here. Now its time to get some new logos...

    Great Logo SK-Group


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    PSX boot sound effect! I'm thrilled!!

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