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Thread: Videos: Custom PS3 Boot Logo Creator Homebrew App Arrives

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    Mirac00lix Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by spunkybunny View Post
    I tried and it doesn't like my version of Photoshop.

    Where is the FULL version as that has Photoshop built into it?
    Did you install the nvidia dds plugin for photoshop?

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    boulard Guest

    need help with this plz

    like i said i downloaded the app and try to run it but it flashes and first it required net frame work 4.0.some numbers i got that, then i tried it and that's what it does. so obviously i'm missing something important here. i made a bunch of colorless colboots before and they work just fine and color would be great if i can get this to work. any help would be great.

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    mrlowalowa Guest
    great program!! originally made an coldboot 5 monthes ago and remembered that I had 6 pages. cause of HDMI / SD and than fade in, normal, fade out.

    so you have all these summarized into one picture. It would be great if this program would auto generate these fade in/out.

    Or if you have all of these 6 pages (or just 3) you could make in the fade in different stuff which is disappearing at the normal screen
    Hope you got my point. That would be really great but your program is already fantastic!!

    boulard: are you at windows xp? if yes you have to disable the aerobanner wit the argument. Just open cmd --> put the icon in the cmd window --> type in the argument (/noaero or so see news page ore help) --> enter

    or if you are at win 7 you have to install the net framework 4.0. (best way via windows updater)


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    boulard Guest
    i just figured it work in windows 7 and i'm on xp still

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    CNPalmer Guest
    Looking for some clarification... is there a minimum version of PS that this will work with? Also, on Win7 does it need to run in a certain compatibility mode?

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    boulard Guest
    i have a problem, the preview shows up but can't pack it what the hell plz help.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.50 / v2.51 Updates Now Available

    Following up on the previous release, this weekend PlayStation 3 developer TizzyT has updated PS3 Color Logo Creator to v2.50 Beta followed by versions 2.51 and 2.511 with the changes outlined below.

    Download: PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.511 (GIMP Mod) / PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.51 / PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.50 / Logo Repo

    v2.50 Changes:
    • UI has changed.
    • Shouldn't have packing errors anymore.
    • Does fine if file-size of logo changes.
    • No hex-editing.
    • There are no more arguments.
    • Like prior versions of PCLCV2, (should) creates/extracts all required files.
    • CS5 extended instead of CS4.

    Not implemented:
    • Detects when Photoshop is finished extracting (will add in soon).
    • Save preview (will add in soon).
    • Have not added Code Rebug's Coldboot installer (will add in soon).

    v2.51 Changes:
    • Detects when Photoshop is extracting and when its finished extracting.
    • Save preview image during coldboot packing process, saved in the Coldboot folder.
    • Code Rebug's Coldboot installer will be extracted to the same location as the application.

    Update: Finished up and implemented the missing things. Version is 2.51.

    This version is a slight mod of version 2.51. Instead of Photoshop I have replaced it with GIMP 2.6, DDS plugin is included. For now I will say use with care since I have not figured out what settings need to be set in GIMP to create a successful coldboot, if anything stay away from this version unless you want to test.

    I am looking at 2 potential alternatives for Photoshop. One being the one found in this version and the other is Paint.Net.


    My PS3 is unfortunately not functional and so I want to take this time to request testers. Testers need to keep in mind that installing a messed up coldboot cannot perma-brick your PS3. Testers also must know before hand that if the system does hang or seem to be in a brick state that they should be ready to reinstall the firmware.

    Testers goal is to find a working setting while saving that will create a working coldboot and report it.

    ProTip: it is one of the DXT5 options.
    Protip2: use save as and not save to get to the different settings that need to be tested.

    • Replaced bundled Photoshop with gimp 2.6 portable (added dds plugin).
    • Kind of stupid of me but added a close button in the help menu.
    • Changed the browse window to browse to any editor and not just Photoshop.exe

    Future plans:
    • Update help menu with editing/saving information.
    • Fix the issue of not loading preview image on slow computers (maybe sometime soon)
    • Get a Paint.Net variant version (maybe)
    • Add simple preset animations ex: scroll in from left/right/top/bottom (possibly sooner then later)
    • UI changes (eventually going to happen)

    Finally, from TizzyT also comes a Create Custom PS3 ColdBoot Tutorial as follows:

    [imglink=|PS3 Color Logo Creator v2.50 / v2.51 Updates Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    oldschool Guest


    175MB?!? What are you doing?


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    smokyyuwe Guest
    It has Photoshop in it, it won't be small.

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    dyceast Guest
    invalid link

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