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  1. #11
    crazydogg08 Guest
    can someone help me?

    1. Would this DDS Plugin works fine with PhotoShop Elements 8?
    2. Is it a big Problem, if my final custom raf file is way bigger than the original one? (my custom raf file size: 112KB)

    thanks for any helping answers!

  2. #12
    miami305 Guest
    is the condone piracy one ready to just place on your flash?

    bro i have no clue but do you know if the condone is ready to place on your dev_flash ?

  3. #13
    iloveyou Guest
    Maybe someone can do a PSOne Bootlogo ? And with the sound of the PSOne ? That would be nice The oldschool PSOne Logo

  4. #14
    miami305 Guest
    yes true, that would be sweet!

  5. #15
    Shabang22 Guest
    PSone boot logo and sounds. Hope you enjoy it.

  6. #16
    jibbajabber Guest
    lmao love the pirate boot up.

  7. #17
    Rand023 Guest
    nice work, gonna give it ago.

  8. #18
    Kraken Guest
    Just wanted to confirm that Shabang22's PSone boot logo works on kmeau 3.55. Thanks for making it!

  9. #19
    Rand023 Guest
    quick image i came up with, gonna try to pop it on my ps3 now.

  10. #20
    crazydogg08 Guest
    this one is my creation Nice Tool... thumbs up

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