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Thread: Video: ZPack for PS3 - The First PlayStation 3 Backup System?!

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    t11t11 Guest

    Video: ZPack for PS3 - The First PlayStation 3 Backup System?!

    Below is a video from TheIndianKhan on YouTube and some info on Zpack for PS3, which claims (ZPack FAQ) to be the first PlayStation 3 backup system.

    To quote: I found this in my holiday in Korea, there are PS3 cafes which run their games from external harddisk without using the original disks. I am one of the first who tested this Zpack System.

    Zpack is the first working Backup System for PlayStation 3. It was especially designed for PlayStation Cafes across the world to avoid damaging your original game disk and beware them to be stolen by customers. You will not need the original disk to play on your PS3 anymore just start any game you have directly from your external hard disk.

    Zpack comes to you with a USB Dongle and a DISK with the Zpack Software, which you only need the first time for installation. The USB dongle have to be connected to your PS3 all the time. When you run a PlayStation Cafe with 8 PlayStation Terminals, you will need 8 Zpacks for each PS3 Terminal to run the games from the external drives. Please pay Attention for our Zpack bundles.

    Below is another upload of the first video as it currently appears dead:

    Yet another Zpack video by ps3depp too:

    Here is yet another Zpack video.. this time for Virtual Tennis Pro 3:

    Rough translation for second video by Riberygehtab: Zpack for PS3 - Backup Motorstorm 3 game on external PS3 HDD.

    Installation: So easy, I've never patched a game console. Heard that contributed to the development of Zpacks a developer of the PS3 has.

    Application: Very easy and clear handling. Backup of games take a minute to external HD up to 25. Online backups are playable.

    Price: Well 100€ + 10€ shipping was a bit steep, but it was worth to me in the end.

    Disadvantages: Not functioning under linux, delivery times are somewhat long, but understandable, is designed for your busy boys.

    [imglink=|Video: ZPack for PS3 - The First PlayStation 3 Backup System?!][/imglink]
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    I moved this to the Site News t11t11 and +Rep for sharing it here. Even if it ends up being the first PS3 hoax of 2010 it's still an entertaining video.

    If anyone has any more details on this feel free to post them below!

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    crazydogg08 Guest
    I think that it is a fake, because of the freaking Windows Frame!!

    Why should there be a Win window on a PS3

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    For what it's worth, I added a second ZPack video from YouTube to the first post along with a rough translation that including the alleged pricing.

    I wonder if this is just the Elotrolado/DemonHades thing repacked that worked with a few games from the PS3 HDD a month or so back.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Ok so he backed up a game on an external HDD and loaded it from there. Doesn't the PS3 only recognize FAT32 external devices? How did he manage to backup a game that's obviously at least twice the 4 GB on a FAT32 formatted HDD? Or did he backed it up on a NTFS formatted HDD. If so how did his PS3 recognized the NTFS HDD. Doesn't make sense to me.

    Besides that the date smells a bit fishy. For the last 3 years now we've seen each year around X-mas and NYE some videos uploaded to youtube about "playing backups" on a PS3.

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    SCE Guest
    Why, why and why do all those fake videos have to be dark! (Yes, it is because they are fake.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA1984 View Post
    Besides that the date smells a bit fishy. For the last 3 years now we've seen each year around X-mas and NYE some videos uploaded to youtube about "playing backups" on a PS3.
    I hear ya there, sad but true. I suppose it could be worse... and surface on April 1st, eh?

    I'm still keeping an open mind, at least until CJPC wakes up and closes it for me by tearing the videos to shreads debunking them in ways I didn't notice.

    It just seems odd it works with games known to work from the HDD without a disc (ie the ones in the videos: PES and MotorStorm) plus they went through the effort of using (or faking) Sony's keypad to enter the names in, etc.

    I guess what I'm speculating for now is, if it's not real and not fake then it's likely just someone using the known methods to run select games from the PS3 HDD under the guise of "Zpack" being used to do it.

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    mckarlsson Guest
    He's on playstation network icon, and the background is changing all time.

    If there is a disc inside the ps3 the background will only change if youre going to Game and than the disc or not?
    Smells like fake, but would be nice when not ^^

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    SCE Guest
    The only thing that makes the video look like real is the USB dongle

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    Sh1m3oN Guest
    guys, this is an epical fake!

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