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    moneymaker Guest
    A thing like this could even be done and put on the market by $ony itself to save the BD-unit... without any risk if you think a bit better at it... at least till noone will crack the BD-unit to emulate the presence of the original disc...

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    semitope Guest
    they even went and hid the part of the ps3 that shows the blue light when a disc is in. Could have been easy proof, but they have it upside down intentionally blocking the vent on that side.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by semitope View Post
    The maximum size of a file is 4gb, you can still put smaller files on disc to make up to more than 4gb.
    I know, but unless someone managed to create a sort of AVCHD standard but then for PS3 games, there's no way you can get a game on your HDD and play it normally.

    the funny part about the youtube video is indeed that there are multiple videos about the same object, but under different account names and they all advertise on each others videopost to confirm that it works and that it's worth it etc. As if they're trying to collect some funds for it and get away with it (due to the lack of guarantee)

    We've seen this last year as well, and the year before that as well

    And indeed the windows XP window thing is something that 99% confirms that it's a fake to me. It's almost as if he/she made it with MS powerpoint.

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    veggav Guest
    Hey boss,

    The link you've posted with the known method of playing backups is not working.

    Can you give me the right link to this thread ?

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    moneymaker Guest
    However this thing needs a more accurate slicing... I'll go for keepvid.com and VLC to watch a bit better... the pes2010 video...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Coverup, or coincidence indeed.. good point!

    Also the guy who did the second video and mentioned the price he paid... "100€ + 10€ shipping" I was just checking on.

    It comes to $157.54 USD according to an online currency converter. Hard to believe someone would pay that kind of money out of the blue for something nobody has ever heard of until now.

    Quote Originally Posted by veggav View Post
    The link you've posted with the known method of playing backups is not working.

    Can you give me the right link to this thread ?
    That is the correct link here, but it was soft-deleted by request of the PS3 Devs shortly after it was discovered on the Spanish sites and posted here over a month ago. It's still available on the Spanish sites though if you search.

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    ati93 Guest
    Boss : Are you talking about demon hades and his exploit with motorstorm ?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by ati93 View Post
    Boss : Are you talking about demon hades and his exploit with motorstorm ?
    Motorstorm is one game that is known to work, but the ones he listed in his post were Killzone 2, Burnout Paradise and PES 2008.

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    CodeKiller Guest
    It's too suspicious: both video upper reged just for one vid, no previous history, even the commenter with "experience" reged the same day, as the video owner. No other reference to it, like an actual cafe running this.

    It would be great, if it would be real.. but sady i have to highly doubt it.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Ihmi View Post
    watched the clip again and noticed just at the beginning, before he hooked up the controller to the PS3 you can see the time 14:56. after the hack is launched the time is 14:54 ...
    It's true. Looks like a recording of the XMB which he edited later to show that fishy WinXP window. Guess he just restarted it again when he got "Press the PS button".

    Also, apps that run in a small window on the XMB are unheard of until now. If someone has enough knowledge to pull something like this off, you could expect him to at least set the Formborderstyle to "None" (that is, if the PS3 would even display something like that?).

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