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    cfwprophet Guest
    Many Games have Bugs and glitches and are not coded well, how do you check all code like this?
    Uhmmm....? We dont talking about games or glitches... we are talking of Pressed and Burned Disks !!
    The Swap Magic Works:

    1. It is a Pressed NOT a Burned Disk.

    2. And the way it would be pressed and the way it boots. (Do you ever seen a Swap Magic Disc?)

    But if the cell do a new check on a copy will your gaming it would recognize that it is no original

    At last on the Wii the BCA dat check whas there since beginning but never used.New Super Mario Wii is the first game who used the BCA dat security.On the x360 the NAND FW Fuse Check was there since beginning and every time poping one fuse but initial last summer MS actived it.

    We know that the News Board plays unsigned flash code from internal hdd so why not? And now im out.

  2. #232
    lavatar Guest
    You have not unterstand how the Swap Magic Disc work on PS3! Nothing with swap, its a hddloader. And that the reason why it works. In this VM or Emulated PS2 CPU the Code works an allow to run the hdd loader.

    The only way to block this, is to block the Swap Magic disc which cause a new Swap Disc Magic Version Disc. Endless Cat and Mouse game

    I have all 3 Consoles. And i know that the swap magic disc ist pressed.

    Edit: And i never said that swap magic disc is not pressed. Americans speaks from "copy" that means most a pressed original disk!

  3. #233
    crazyblaxican Guest
    This would be pretty nice to have, the price tag seems a little steep for something that may not end up working... Has anybody with an exorbent amount of funds tried to purchase and test to confirm these claims?

  4. #234
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    +REP for cfwprophet for bravery! Let's wait for the results!

    And as for New Super Mario Bros "trick" on wii, you'll completely right, Nintendo newer used such check from the beginning, although it was always possible - from 2006 to now on.

  5. #235
    pmick Guest
    Am I the only one noticing that Blu-Ray is misspelled? Lets just wait and see

    btw, how's the roadtrip to the house going?

    Have fun

  6. #236
    cfwprophet Guest
    Ok i heard on the german web from more then one pl who already have orderd a Zpack and they confirmed that they got a mail with the info that it would need 7-9 days for shipping. When i have orderd mine i will post the infos from the mail here.

    But know i need a little rest...

  7. #237
    Shrink Guest
    Why did you do that? ZPack doesn't exist. That is afake. Trust me.

  8. #238
    veggav Guest
    Zpack seems VERY very very fake. Is there any law in your country to secure you if the guy steals your money ?

    You are taking a very big risk, really. I do not buy regular products on the internet to avoid problems imagine a product the I don't even know if it's real or not.

    People are getting desperate to play backups on the ps3.

  9. #239
    the wire Guest
    Yeah and after 6-7 days they will empty their account, do not give them your money.

  10. #240
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Shrink View Post
    Why did you do that? ZPack doesn't exist. That is afake. Trust me.
    Because he want's it. We're all are curious, and he took the risk.

    IMO, PayPal will cover it if it is scam, I thinks, if it's fake then it will fit into category "Item received is not as described", moreover, PayPal is very buyer-friendly recently.

    And, AFAIK, PayPal releases money transferred on the sellers account only after 20 days from the day of transaction.

    I think we're covered here. BTW, I am keeping neutral.

    I see a lot of points saying it's fake and a lot of people saying it's possible. I'm just triyng to help person who took the risk to clear things out. Also I try to insert my coin in the discussion


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