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    Raze1988 Guest
    Ok guys, look at what they wrote:

    TheIndianKhan (38 minutes ago)

    you are so funny, how can this be a fake explain me pleasee?? Sometimes when I run Zpack my clock is freezing and wrong date is shown, but its working. I tell you something in 1 month 80% of you will all have an Zpack and then I will laugh.

    ps3depp (19 minutes ago)

    in 4 weeks 80 % of you will have zpack , its allways the same just wait..

    Looks like they are the same person.

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    Drakhen Guest
    Ok like I had said in a early post today, I would ask my friend who lives over in Korea if she could look into this, I have gotten a response from her and she said she would love to look into this and now that person had listed a phone number I just sent my friend the phone number and yes she does speak Korean, so hopefully she will shed some light on the subject I had also asked if she can take some photos of the cafe where it is supposed to be and if she can get some photos of the device on the shelves and or working .

    if the person can also give me a location she can check it would be really helpful to her.

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    caner12 Guest
    Drakhen that phone number i posted its at israel not at korea.

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    maddin Guest
    I found a turkish boy (mail in youtube) who also runs a handy shop, he told me that he has Zpack and can sell me one for 110 Euro.

    He also sent me this picture and told me that I can get there and pick it right up, i can take my ps3 and a external hard disk with me and he will demonstrate it on my PS3.

    I'm still not believing that this Zpack is working, maybe i even wont believe it when i see it with my eyes.

    Its about 500 km to this guy I think i will visit him on Friday and report you everything. I want to believe

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by maddin View Post
    He also sent me this picture and told me that I can get there and pick it right up, i can take my ps3 and a external hard disk with me and he will demonstrate it on my PS3.
    Interesting.. although it could be one with a bunch of cases too hehe. Thanks for the pic maddin and +Rep!

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    Haksam Guest
    i've got a friend in Korea who loves to visit cybercafes too. Anyone want me to grab him to do a bit of walking around? (although I dont quite understand why would Koreans keep this for themselves, and playstation cafes?? never heard of it in south east asia)

    I will conclude this very soon.

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    ziddiri Guest
    @maddin, can you give me the mail who you've contacted with. I'm a Turkish, and I'm live in Turkey.

    Maybe I can contact that guy, and I can confirm this thing working or not. But, as far as I know, I haven't see any info about Zpack in Turkish Forums, web sites, or anything..

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    Roamin Guest
    The ps3depp video looks convincing.. I'd like to believe as well.

  9. #129
    Drakhen Guest
    So let me get this straight this whole topic started in Korea, then it moved to India and now Turkey, so is it still rumored to be in Korea??

    Either way my friend is going to be looking into it, I would really hate to send her off on a wild goose chase though, she had said she is going to start asking around to all her gaming friends if they know of any leads there.. If she says its there I will 100% believe her...

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    SCE Guest
    OK Boss, here is the big news! I have contacted the Turkish uploader guy TheIndianKhan

    I have asked him:

    Where did you get that Zpack bro?

    Everbody is talkin about ya bro, where the hell did you get that stuff Do you gimme some info?
    And here comes the answer Boss,


    I have 3 more units.

    I will sell ya for 110 Euros

    Where do you live (In Turkey)?
    So here it is: http://zpack.brainchip.biz

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