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    Quote Originally Posted by skrapps View Post
    i've been studying the video. I believe it to be REAL. reason being is.. he's on the whats new icon, correct? but look at the reflection in the ps3 system itself.. its reflecting the z-pack screen. not the whats new screen. i mean yeah it could be a video, but i doubt it. i'm thinking theres a hack to ftp back to a pc, thats why the windows xp screen appears. the wahts new section seems like a gateway to the net.
    Exactly what I'm sayin buddy... it could be an exploit to somehow get a connection to a LAN computer. Either that or this guy is really good with after effects, I mean with todays technology, you could possibly just add a video to another video, consdering the camera is in the same exact spot, it could be a possibility and after he clicks on mount game he could have changed the video.

    As many have stated... the video is way too broad and not too much detail was represented. When people upload, they have to see that there's tons of criticism and you can't just post videos and expect people to believe it right off the bat, prove us wrong and show us that this video is infact real. If your gonna release an article about your success, then you need the evidence to back it up.

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    why is it always a dark vid? sheesh... he starts off with some light then everything is dark again

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    Okay.. this guy says that he stumbeld across this on his holiday.. wich means that this Zpack thing was already pressent before he ever got there.. than why should it be someone who lives abroad that publish this??

    than it must be so that the Zpack company doesnt want the earn money...

    and than the thing with the green xbox box... man...

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    I think it's fake myself..

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    what does that picture say? It's pointing to something, but I'm unsure what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exzile2 View Post

    what does that picture say? It's pointing to something, but I'm unsure what it is.
    His picture is pointing out that the TV seems to be the same on all 3 videos and the PS3 is also in the same position on all 3 shots.

    "Gleiche Position" means "Same Position"

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    Backups.. Who cares? There's some news about exploits and running unsigned code and the comments count tops at around 20 max. (still with some people asking if we could run backups).

    Now, this is posted and the comments count comes at 100+ ! THIS is why homebrew is not allowed on most consoles, because there will always be someone that will allow backups (pirated games, for sure. And don't try to hide that you NEVER used a pirated game) to run on them.

    The devs do their best to unlock the power of our much expensive console to allow more stuff to be done and more content to be played, and a whole lot of annoying teens are just waiting to play pirated games.

    Anyways, it's obvious that a thread like this would get that much comments.

    Oh, I forgot.. It's fake. Don't even try to maybe think that it's real by creating stupid formulations. Use common sense.

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    He rambles on like a child then calls pirates annoying teens... shucks...

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    guys here the phone number for that cafe that has zpack you can ask if its true and they have it in there +972.2.652.7969

    011 972 2 972 2 652 7969

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    Anyone speak Korean?

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