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    Apr 2005

    Video: TI-89 Titanium PSGroove Port Incoming, TI-84 Updates

    Update: BrandonW has now released the TI-89 Titanium PSGroove Port v0.1 as planned!

    Today BrandonW has Tweeted that a TI-89 Titanium PSGroove port is incoming along with an update for TI-84 users below which contains some minor bug fixes.

    Download: PS3 JB v0.07.0001 for TI-84 / PS3 JB v0.01.0001 for TI-89

    v0.07.0001 changelog:

    - The graph screen is no longer blank upon exiting the application.
    - The hook was being automatically installed when selecting 1) PS3 Jailbreak and exiting; this has been fixed.
    - It's just generally more likely to work.

    To quote: "I have to admit, I didn't think it was going to happen but... folks, the jailbreak works on the 89Ti. Proof, source, and release coming soon."

    For the moment, those interested can check out his Jailbreak a PS3 from a TI-89 Titanium Calculator proof-of-concept video below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Bigshon Guest
    Do we need to just add the payload with calculator (option) and we're good? or it needs to be BDemu 1st?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    That really impressive, Brandon W. is really on top of things

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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Nice, now i have 2 devices to jailbreak with.

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    Mzil Guest
    Looks good man. It would be great it there was an Ipod Nano 2g port though.

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    pasty745 Guest
    I really like that another TI calculator works with the JB. I wonder if TI's sales have been going up since the first TI-84 port. Still would love a PSP version though, but it is always nice to see new devices that can hack the PS3.

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    dulal18 Guest
    oh man when will someone will come up with jailbreak thats kind of like permanent or stays in your ps3 memory.. like i mean everytime you reboot you have to keep doing the jailbreak.

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    Huskypaw Guest
    Here's my first problems with the TI-89 Titanium Port:

    - Since I've got FW 3.30 I need to create one of those FW compatibility files, which I totally don't know how. I shall use BIN files as when creating payload files for the Ti89 - are those BINs in both cases the same?
    - How do I know which BIN is the correct one and where to get it?
    - What's the difference between different payload files and where to get them as well?

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    Fr33m4n Guest
    With FW 3.30 you have already lost OtherOS support. Is there any reason to not upgrade to 3.41? It makes things soo much easier for you.

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    bruceleeroy Guest
    Excuse me for being ignorant of how most of these jailbreaks work- but how would i go about enabling backups on the ti-89 port?

    mainly i'm trying to figure out how i would load hermes 4b on here- i see how to make a load a custom payload but don't know which set of hermes files i should start from?

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