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Thread: Video: Team DeLiGhT Happy New Year 2011 PS3 Demo Arrives

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    Video: Team DeLiGhT Happy New Year 2011 PS3 Demo Arrives

    Today Heden of Team DeLiGhT has released a Happy New Year 2011 PS3 demo for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users.

    Download: Happy New Year 2011 PS3 Demo

    Below is a video of it in action, and to quote from PSGroove: "Heden, of Team DeLiGhT, has sent us a festive scene intro/homebrew.

    The app displays a happy New Year's greeting, and displays some nifty animated graphics."

    We also would like to extend a Happy New Year 2011 to everyone, and for those who missed it we are pleased to announce that the integration work is done and we are now able to promote any post or reply made on our PS3 Forums directly to our Site News.

    This means while the post or reply can be made in our Member News section it is no longer a requirement, so if you have something to share just post away and with the click of a button we can mainpage it in 2011!

    [imglink=|Video: Team DeLiGhT Happy New Year 2011 PS3 Demo Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    condorstrike Guest
    nice tech demo, and good job on the integration system the works great.

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    barbnjason Guest
    I just want to say great work to everyone that works on this site you guys have made it one of the top sites for everything PS. With all the site news and all the contributions that everyone has shared, and the Hack section with all the talented DEV's whom come up with new and exacting stuff all the time. To the Help and Support section and everyone that helps out with all the troubleshooting without your knowledge and trial and error a lot of people would be lost.

    To all the files that are hosted here from FW files to links to all the PSN update links, and to the Debug update links, this site was ahead of its time when it came to these links as no one knew how valuable they were going to be once the jailbreak came along.

    2010 saw the real birth of the PS3 hacking scene but 2011 we are going to blow this thing out with all the talented teams out there and some individual that are dedicating their time and effort for no money and a little fame my hats off to you all.

    So here is looking forward to a wonderful year for everyone!

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    relevaa Guest
    LoL at Sony Year 2011 will be a nightmare for you !

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    shummyr Guest
    This is friggin awesome.

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    etnies93 Guest
    Happy new year my fellow jailbreakers! 14 hours to go..

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    Indeed, Happy New Year guys!! About the same amount of time left until it's official here too...

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    Smandrake Guest
    Lol that looks like the PSX Demo Disc!! Look here:

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    tbejdas Guest
    want to congratulate everyone for their great work this year and hope to see many more innovations in the future.

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    inginear Guest
    that delight video was nice. i can't wait for 3d accelerated homebrew games!

    happy new year everyone! this has been a great year for the ps3 scene. hopefully next year will be even better!

    good work on the site to all who was involved!

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