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    Apr 2005

    Video: Standalone Linux on PS3 Slim 27C3 Fail0verflow Demo

    Today PlayStation 3 hacking group Fail0verflow has tweeted news of a Standalone Linux PS3 Slim 27C3 Fail0verflow demo that Marcan42 wanted to show off during this year's 27C3 but couldn't due to the video not working.

    From the video's caption, to quote: "This is what the fail0verflow 27c3 demo *should* have looked like. As it turns out, the reason why we didn't have working video and had to fall back to an SSH demo was because this Slim is too new to run version 3.15 (what we tried to run), since it does not correctly support this particular revision of the RSX. So here's the same demo, except with version 3.41, which does work."

    For those who missed it, pytey of Fail0verflow was also recently interviewed by the BBC.

    The video can be seen below, and here are some related Fail0verflow tweets:

    Standalone Linux on the PS3 Slim demo (with video): http://goo.gl/8oZVj (this is what *should* have been the 27c3 demo, had video worked) The sniffer/flasher code is very small, it should work on just about any FPGA. The important bit is the number of I/O pins.

    To all those people asking about npdrm: we're not going to work on that because it's not required to bring linux back to the ps3. You need a USB interface for USB comms (or at least a PHY, but that's a lot harder) pretty much (of course the S3E needs power and the usual stuff too)

    We didn't break game security, Geohot did (by releasing metldr keys). We just did the minimum required to regain OtherOS. Sony illegally removed an advertised feature (OtherOS) for existing customers; we're only bringing it back.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Kiriller Guest
    Niiice now thats what i want welcome back linux, we missed you.

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    condorstrike Guest
    OMG, that's so nice... and running on Dos partition and Linux filesystem. and future Dual-boot with Game-OS. WOW.

    these guys at Fail0verflow are amazing and truly deserve more recognition for their great work.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    what's up with the blame game? we didn't, Geohot did.

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    tonyqc Guest
    $ony illegally removed an advertised feature (OtherOS).

    And not we will start GameOS with OtherOS

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    inginear Guest
    a dual boot (linux/gameos) ps3 would be awesome. it's also cool to see linux booting standalone on the smaller ps3. if we can get the tools needed to make homebrew ps3 apps ported to linux on the ps3, we could have "cheap" dev stations.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Hehe, there is my Tux - again ! What an adapter he uses to make the HDD shown on the computer ? Just an SATA to USB adapter or what ? Because my PC can't access the HDD due the encryption.

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    racermussen Guest
    Hmm I don't know why you had to have asbestos running on your pc.

    But I do think, that this would be sweet to get hands on plz release soon

    I miss linux

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    Frogman7 Guest
    Very exciting news, I'm still running 3.15 on my fat so I can continue using Linux for now. I'll hold off until there is a dual boot option that will be awesome. I really hope someone can write decent RSX drivers so that I can turn my PS3 into the full featured media center I've always dreamed it could be.

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    standardproc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by racermussen View Post
    Hmm I don't know why you had to have asbestos running on your pc.

    But I do think, that this would be sweet to get hands on plz release soon

    I miss linux
    you don't have to have asbestos running on your pc, he is simply viewing the boot output from the ps3 via ethernet before the video is initialized on the ps3, he could have booted it up without the ethernet cable.

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