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Thread: Video: Standalone Linux on PS3 Slim 27C3 Fail0verflow Demo

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    FBR Guest
    Sony removed OtherOS, Fail0verflow removed GameOS...

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    standardproc Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oVERSoLDiER View Post
    Hehe, there is my Tux - again ! What an adapter he uses to make the HDD shown on the computer ? Just an SATA to USB adapter or what ? Because my PC can't access the HDD due the encryption.
    yes its a laptop hdd to usb adapter, you can pick them up quite cheaply, the hdd he is using is a dos formatted and partitioned drive thats why his pc can read it straight away, a ps3 formatted hdd will not read from a pc because its encryped but this particular hdd has not been encryption-formatted by the ps3.

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    p666 Guest
    Dual boot will be awesome..

    Hard for the public to really side with Sony for the hackers putting back a feature they took out, and making it even better. I love it

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    silencephaze Guest
    If they release this i hope they fix the multitasking in linux that sony had blocked, so no hacker can run the ps3 like pc.

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    compound Guest
    The ps3's multitasking worked fine?? do you mean the lack of gpu acceleration?

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    popshopadop Guest
    what i find so funny is that if they just left the otheros alone then the system would still be hack-proof.

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    talruum Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    what's up with the blame game? we didn't, Geohot did.
    Legal issues fellow... legal issues... stay tuned for a couple lawsuit from sony... just that.

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    metalheavy Guest
    The hackers will always win... ALWAYS!

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