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    Apr 2005

    Video: Spin Pong PS3 Homebrew Game for PlayStation 3 JailBreak

    Today apanloco has released a Spin Pong PS3 homebrew game for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users along with a video of it in action and the source code.

    Download: Spin Pong PS3 / Spin Pong PS3 Source Code / Spin Pong Repo

    From the ReadMe file: OVERVIEW

    Spin Pong is an fun and addictive 2-player Pong game for PS3, with some interesting physics and stereo sound.

    This was coded using only a retail unit, using logging over UDP.


    - Use left analog stick up/down to move paddles.
    - Press X to signal that you are ready. Both players need to signal ready before game starts.
    - Press START to signal that you want a game reset. Both players need to signal wants-reset before game starts.


    I built this with the 1.92 SDK on windows with msys. Just do this:
    - cd
    - build.bat
    - you now have spinpong.pkg
    - install as usual


    - For homebrew developers check out Log.h/Log.cpp for code to log over network.
    - To view the logs, use: $ socat udp-recv:6160 stdout

    Sounds are converted from .wav to .raw using:

    - for i in *.wav; do sox -V -S $i -r 48000 -e float -b 32 -c 1 -B $i.raw; done because i was too lazy to code a wav loader.

    In related PS3 homebrew game news, ThatOtherPerson has released Don't Get Crushed v0.1 (followed by Don't Get Crushed v1.0 with Source Code) which he states the following, to quote:

    "Use the left analog stick to move left or right and avoid the other balls as they bounce across the screen. If you get crushed under one of them then its game over and your score is reset to zero. Your high score is automatically saved to your internal hard drive.

    dot TOIF (that other image format)

    If your looking to mod the game or learn from it and are wondering what the font.toif file is, its image/texture used for the text displayed at the top left corner of the screen (because frack the tiny and pixelated debug font). You can find out why it exists and how to generate your own here."

    From his blog, to quote:

    "Notable changes:

    - Analog stick controls have been replaced with sixaxis motion controls
    - Corrected the problem with the on screen text
    - The graphics shouldn’t look stretched anymore (now the circles are circles)

    Just tilt your controller left or right to move left or right"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    man!! the girl sounds like she's high or something.

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    solrac1974 Guest
    That's good news, homebrew games are fun, keep'em coming!

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    waleed Guest
    why do people keep doing these games? as if somebody is gonna leave a real game and waste his time on this.

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    evaldusia Guest
    Man, if I could have one wish.. I would kick you in the nuts. So hard, that it would paralyze your legs and you wouldn't be able to walk ever again.

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    gear323 Guest
    +1 for kicking him in the nuts.

    Wouldn't it be better if his hands got paralyzed instead? Then he couldn't type crap like this anymore.

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    patroni Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by waleed View Post
    why do people keep doing these games? as if somebody is gonna leave a real game and waste his time on this.
    Why do you keep breathing?

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    "..So here you see two pedals, uhh and a bowl" lol

    I never played a ping pong game with pedals and bowls before, that's new.

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by waleed View Post
    why do people keep doing these games? as if somebody is gonna leave a real game and waste his time on this.
    It's really two different types of people I think... those who are seeking the "latest and greatest" commercial games to play and those who want to learn and see what they can do on the PS3 by themselves.

    The value is geared more towards aspiring game developers, but for every one person that downloads and tries these simple games there will probably be ten who won't... although I don't think the people making these intend to target the audience who wants to "play GT5 now" as much as the one who wants to know how it was made.

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