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    Junior Member ifcaro's Avatar
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    Video: softGL v0.1 Graphics Library for OtherOS (PS3SDK)

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    SoftGL is a simple graphics library for OtherOS and used with mc's PS3SDK.

    Download: softGL v0.1

    For the moment is not optimized and provides the following functions:


    - DrawPoint
    - DrawLine
    - DrawRect
    - DrawCircle
    - DrawCircleFill


    - DrawImage (pointer to 32bit RGBA)
    - Support for bitmap fonts (based on NFont)

    Video: softGL v0.1 Graphics Library for OtherOS (PS3SDK)

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    A very cool start to a nice graphics library ifcaro and +Rep!!

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    I'm sorry, what would this be useful for?? Just curious...

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    Mainly just as a base to "homebrew" graphics for the PS3, to assist those using the legal PS3SDK. This is basically a follow-up to ifcaro's Toolchain update from a week or so back... demonstrating what he's been doing with it.

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    wow, thanks for the release.. good stuff!

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    I gotta question: is that in any way useful for end-user or just dev's, I mean can I install it under Yellow Dog and run for example Compiz. I'm sure for 99% I can't but have to make sure.

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    nice work, i'm proud of you for your great work. i'll hope it'll be help to us when we crack the blacklady

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    Its for the PS3-SDK so for DEVīs not for end users.

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    too bad my 60 gig died otherwise i'd try this out.

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    Great work ifcaro!


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