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    Jan 2011
    You are genius, i think the Call of Duty: Black Ops Edition Mod is much more better...

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    Dec 2010
    I am not into PS3 console modding, but I got to say that this looks awesome, especially with the black texture

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    Aug 2007
    That is cool as hell. I love the game and play I when I have a chance.

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    If only $oNY would make console designs like this for every big game that comes out... i mean M$ does this and it looks great.. but sony is freaking stupid.

    Most PS3 designs that they made via console + game combo pack we're all based and buyable in japan (but no US or Euro editions, eg. FFXIII, japan only? wtf man..)

    Sony needs to make more console case mods + release them in other places other than japan _.

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    Aug 2010
    O_O omg! i want one for christmas

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    wowww, how long does it take to make these things??

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