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    TUHTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by xxkrizxx View Post
    well then guess i'll have to wait again and just hope someone releases something so i can get homebrew on ps3 like on the psp. go skfu and hadesteam, to hell with geohot.. i thought he was going to release stuff and be the one to bring homebrew to the ps3 but guess all he cares about is fame.
    you still think that geo is hacker? Well geo just works with some guys from actually where PS3 from

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    bazza980 Guest


    SKFU's blog is down.. is any one still working on this?

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    TUHTA Guest
    Wait for words from SKFU..

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    Siggy12 Guest
    also if is something... I don't think that we will go far with a custom theme that says "HELLO WORLD !!!"

    hope anyway that I'm mistaking on it. @SKFU please came online back soon.

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    Hacker93 Guest
    How to edit loadme.fu file?

    It's compiled with PS3 SDK?

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    CJPC Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Hacker93 View Post
    How to edit loadme.fu file?

    It's compiled with PS3 SDK?
    Yes, to answer your question with what I said earlier a few pages back:
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Well, I'd like to clarify a few things - as stated previously, it's a "custom" dynamic theme more than anything.

    Specifically, it can be re-created with SDK tools, using "p3tcompiler.exe" to generate the PS3 theme, and for the "loadme.fu" - it's actually a RAF file.

    I doubt that Her Majesty's Royal Air Force is going to swoop out of the sky on this one however. Namely it's a Sony file - a "Rich Appearance Format" file made with SDK tools as well such as "raf_compiler.exe" - which will generate a RAF file once passed a properly created XML file.

    Of note however the RAF file should have not been able to be loaded from dev_usb, it should have been loaded from app_home. In a development environment, app_home is a development PC hooked up to a PS3 Development Kit (TEST or TOOL).

    As for the scripting, it is PSJS - which is quite similar to JavaScript, however it does have its differences, PSJS is not as "willing" to go along with things as JavaScript is.

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    Brickstin Guest
    What ever happened to this project?

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