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  1. #61
    longhornx Guest
    Great Work ^_^

    If they could create a .fu that get's the icons, dynamic background video from a folder inside of the USB device, I think that everyone would like


  2. #62
    tjay17 Guest


    Hopefully something good comes of this.

  3. #63
    sapperlott Guest
    Don't get your panties in a bunch. Right now this is just another possible attack vector. If the devs at Sony did their homework then the themes (and the associated scripts) are kept in a sandbox which is locked down tight.

    So ... isoloader? Probably not.

    Interesting stuff for devs to play around with? Maybe.

  4. #64
    ph4rcyd3 Guest


    USA / CECHP01 / Fat 160GB / 3.15 / Uncharted Bundle

    Status = works!

  5. #65
    hunterrr Guest
    Bahaha the theme "I'm really great , i'm the best at NOTHING. I've been on tv.

    Ah what a good laugh at Geohotz

  6. #66
    PARDES Guest
    PAL 40GB
    FW: 3.30
    Result: Working
    Memory Stick: Cruzer U3 4gb

    Great Work, Skfu. Well done, you deservered the spotlight.

  7. #67
    xrayglasses Guest


    Hate to be a party pooper.. but literally not a byte of shellcode, it won't work without USB because loadme.FU is a resource in the XML, in this case an animated icon, and it also contains no shellcode. Feel free to look at it under any hexeditor.

  8. #68
    chrykel Guest
    it works on 120 gig slim with latest ofw!

  9. #69
    itwong Guest
    This is just a Proof of concept. Can't wait to see what comes next. More useful codes run maybe..

  10. #70
    Kiriller Guest


    people need to more optimistic, this gives confidence/self esteem to the devs which ultimately equals = win.

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