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Thread: Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse

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    Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse

    Today Matlo has updated his PlayStation 3 project which allows users to identify (spoof) a PC as a PS3 controller in order to use PC peripherals to control a PS3 and shared some videos followed by version 0.23 and v0.24 updates.

    Based on the early work of Jim Paris, the application emulates the PS3's Sixaxis controller and sends commands via Bluetooth dongle plugged into a Linux computer allowing you to play all PS3 Games with keyboard and mouse.

    Download: DIYPS3Controller Sixaxis Emulator / Guide

    • up to 7 controllers - requires 1 bt dongle or 1 usb converter for each controller
    • up to 8 configurations per controller
    • on-the-fly configuration switch with switch back mode
    • supported devices: mice, keyboards, joysticks (gamepads, wheels, ...)
    • multiple joysticks
    • multiple mice
    • multiple keyboards
    • configuration GUI with automatic event & device detection
    • button-to-button, axis-to-axis, button-to-axis, and axis-to-button mappings
    • circular or rectangular dead zone shapes
    • graphical display of the controller state
    • mouse calibration mode
    • keyboard macros

    • 100 updates/s (bt controller, real sixaxis report rate)
    • up to 250 updates/s (usb controller, custom report rate)
    • measured MAX latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = lower than 12ms (proof)
    • measured AVERAGE latency between event reception and emission: bt controller = about 6ms (proof)

    Upcoming Features:
    • cross-platform support (usb controller only)

    [imglink=|Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Sixaxis Emulator Plays PS3 Games with Keyboard & Mouse][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    i've been a console gamer all my life, since atari 2600 in 1986, except for a stint with an amstrad cpc464, LOL and even then i used a controller... but i'm sure a lot of people will like this.. good work.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice one ... just as a reminder - there are also two similar projects for Teensy (and a like) boards - one using only the Teensy board nad PS2 Keyboard + Mouse, so no need of PC, but this indeed plugs into PS3 via USB, and another one more or working in the same way as this one. Just look at project on the teensy web page

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    dragonsan Guest
    Thank you for fullfilling my request!!!

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    herooo Guest
    really thanks man, but we need windows version please.. how i can install it on ubuntu-11.04? pls help me


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    Sixaxis emulator v0.23 Update

    An update to the Sixaxis emulator v0.23 is below, to quote:

    Download: SixAxis Emulator Windows PC to PS3 USB Controller / PC to PS3 USB Controller Firmware for AVR USB Chips

    Version 0.23 released

    Main improvements:
    • windows version (usb connection only)
    • "set dongle address" tool of sixemugui is fixed
    • "replace mouse dpi" tool of sixemuconf is fixed

    All corrected issues:
    • issue 80
    • issue 87
    • issue 95
    • issue 12

    Download links:
    • ubuntu package - i386 ( - amd64 ( - updated June 16
    • windows setup ( - (usb connection only)
    • ( - (avr usb firmwares for the usb connection)
    • CP2102 windows drivers (

    Known issues:
    • [linux] the sixstatus gui generates movement glitches (work-around: use 100Hz or lower for the calibration)
    • [windows] the COM port is not detected (work-around: check the proper COM port in the device manager)
    • [usb] the controller state is wrong (work around: unplug/replug the teensy board)
    • [usb] game compatibility: there are some compatibility issues with games like GT5 and Fallout: New Vegas. These games seem to have compatibility issues with gamepads other than the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers. Considering game compatibility, it seems the best solution is to emulate a true wired sixaxis/dualshock 3 controller. My first releases won't do that, and I will work on that later.
    • [usb] buttons can't work as pressure-sensitive buttons: it's useless to configure them in the "Axis" tab of Sixemuconf
    • [windows] extra mouse buttons are not working

    About the windows port: I got a few issues to solve for the windows port. It turned out the official SDL 1.2 library (cross-platform) isn't providing raw events from the mouse. No problem, I checked out the manymouse library and built a custom SDL library that provides raw mouse events.

    Many people see the sixaxis emulator only as a mouse+keyboard converter. But it does a lot more than that. It also allows to use ANY game controller (gamepad/wheel...) with custom control mappings. It especially allows to use the XBox 360 controllers that work out-of-the-box (except the X button). What about the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers?

    I wrote a post about QtSixA some time ago. This software allows to use the sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers in Linux, and can be used with the sixaxis emulator as it emulates a standard game controller. There also is a software that allows to use sixaxis/dualshock 3 controllers in windows, it's called Motioninjoy. It's not open-source, and there are some ads in the GUI, but it's free, comes with signed bluetooth drivers, and is very complete: motion sensing (tested - I managed to control the crosshair in COD:BO...), rumble, but also macros and rapid fire...

    For those following, below is version 0.24 as well via:

    Download: SixEmu v0.24-1 AMD64.DEB - GIMX: Linux Package (64bits) / SixEmu v0.24-1 i386.DEB - GIMX: Linux Package (32bits) / Setup v0.24 GIMX (Windows)

    It fixes the following issues:

    Known issues that still exist are outlined here:

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    HeyManHRU Guest

    PS3 Game Input Multiplexer Update v0.25 is Now Available

    Following up on the previous releases, today Matlo has updated his PlayStation 3 project which allows users to use a Mouse, Keyboard or Joystick to control their PS3 to version 0.25.

    He has also renamed the project from "Sixaxis Emulator" to "Game Input Multiplexer".

    Download: SixEmu v0.25-1 AMD64.DEB - GIMX: Linux Package (64bits) / SixEmu v0.25-1 i386.DEB - GIMX: Linux Package (32bits) / Setup v0.25 GIMX (Windows) / PS3 Game Input Multiplexer v0.25 (Mirror) / SVN

    To quote: The application receives data from PC peripherals (mice, joysticks and keyboards) and sends checks to the PS3 via Bluetooth or USB. Other controls, such as gestures or voice are possible through the emulation of PC peripherals.

    Changelog for v0.25:
    • The joystick now works / joysticks names are filled in gimx-config
    • Support of the navigation stick
    • The “Link Control” menu is checked by default
    • Config gimx do more bug in Linux
    • The combo boxes (dropdown lists) of Gimx-serial now work

    • Up to 7 controllers (Linux + Bluetooth only) – requires a BT dongle for each controller
    • Up to 8 profiles per controller
    • Quick change of the profile with change mode “return”
    • Supported devices: mice, keyboards, game controllers (gamepads, steering wheels, …)
    • Multiple joysticks, mice and keyboards
    • Configuration of GUIs with automatic notification and detection devices
    • Mappings button to button, pin to pin, push-to-pin and pin-to-button
    • Mapping of the mouse customizable (dead zone, sensitivity, acceleration)
    • Graphical display of the controller status
    • Calibration Mode the mouse
    • Smoothing of the mouse
    • Macros for clavier

    • 100 updates / s (BT controller, real rates reported by the Sixaxis)
    • Up to 250 updates / s (USB controller, custom report rate)
    • Measure the maximum latency between the reception of the event and the show: controller = BT less than 12ms (shown)
    • Measure the average latency between the reception of the event and the show: USB controller = about 6ms (proven)

    Known issues:
    • Motion sensing axis control
    • Motion sensing events
    • Custom minimal duration time for button events
    • 1:1 translation
    • [Windows] Some mouse buttons are not working
    • [usb] Some games are not compatible with gamepads other than the sixaxis/dualshock 3
    • TCP/IP Support
    • Shift states
    • Translate GUI
    • Trigger intensity
    • Support for windows virtual devices (virtual keyboard, …)
    • Event scheduling for macros
    • Make gimx-fpsconfig capable of editing configs produced by gimx-config
    • Improvements for config examples
    • Diamond / flexible dead zone
    • Auto-updater
    • Auto-updater for config examples
    • Remove mouse and keyboard names if “Multiple mice and keyboards” is unchecked.

    [imglink=|PS3 Game Input Multiplexer Update v0.25 is Now Available][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Cheers for the update HeyManHRU, +Rep and I have promoted the news to the main page as well now.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Now that's is a genius project. Finally some one have seen the needs of it

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Errrm - this is like 2 weeks old "news" - 0.25 was released on 16 December and not "today" - otherwise indeed very good app, recommended.

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