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Thread: Video: PSP Games on PS3 by Russian Hacker GamerSuper

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    Update: I added the "second video" to the first post, and to quote:
    OK guys, I've been working on my tool all these days so there were no news. Today I've made a second video of launching PSP game on the PS3. This time it's in HD. Some people didn't believe me 'cause they didn't see a file structure of the game.

    Also some guys notices that it was strange size of PSP game - there were some extra unneeded files which I forgot to detete. Didn't think people will explore every frame.

    So this video demonstrates Assassin's Creed Bloodlines launching on the PS3. It's one of the best titles on the PSP and that's my one of the favorite game series.

    I showed you every folder in root directory of the game so you can clearly see what's on the HDD and what a game folder contains.
    Also, as you may notices, I fixed a sound problem so there is in-game sound now. Loadings became much faster than on PSP itself.

    In my next videos I'll be showing you my program "in action", after I will finish my tool, some beta testers will be needed. After that I will release a tool which will be compatible with EVERY PSP game.

    Also I'm working on PSP homebrew compatibility on the PS3. There are some difficulties, but I'll manage to succeed I think. So I think soon I will be able to show you PSP homebrew launching on the PS3.

    Stay tuned.
    I will reopen this thread for a bit, but I'm sure until he releases something these "videos" aren't convincing enough to people.

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    svennie1992 Guest
    well i just can't choose, if it's real or fake.

    like how he show it now with the backup manager, it looks like most of us can do this, with just editing the PS3_DISC.SFB file and start it through backup manager (after unpacking the game files in there folders).

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    bubabuba Guest
    it's strange cause he don't have an EBOOT.BIN inside the USRDIR directory, he only have it in SYSDIR but he also said that it is un-needed

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    xameleon Guest
    i have take a look on ps3 directories and i see on my psn psx games its emulator like psp the files are EBOOT.PBP the ps3 inside on flash2(i think) have folders with psp emulation. i will try tommorow first to use the old patchers for eboot.pbp who i make psx games work on psp and IF works definetely its working on psp.

    i think its not have to do with backup manager but someone can try just to copy the directory of extracted iso on external hard disk.

    i will update with more info soon.

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    Warrorar Guest
    i definitely trust him. i also added him as friends on youtube because i'm sure this is not a fake o.o

    people where able to emulate dc games on ps3. why should somebody not be able to build a psp emulator. the system structure is quit same because its from sony. i don't say its identical but i'm pretty sure sony where lazy and said "oh, ps3 have xmb, psp have xmb. we make is simple so we can convert it easy.

    and i'm pretty sure that exactly this point helped gamersuper to build this homebrew. and i can't wait to play with it crisis core on my 4.00x1.80meters beamer screen ^^

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    hacked2123 Guest


    This guy has given us quite a few clues how to replicate this... He used his NBA Live 08' Disk dump, and places all the information from Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines into this directory.

    He probably then copied the param.sfo from PSP Mini game, and modified the tag to BD-GAME instead of PSN-GAME, then placed all that information in hdd0/Game/XYZ (same as param.sfo and the actual PSP game), then copied that same information to external USB under /gamez/. Backup launcher is then launched, and viola! I can test tomorrow, got work here soon...but its really not that unconceivable that the Sony PSP emulator actually works...
    Quote Originally Posted by bubabuba View Post
    it's strange cause he don't have an EBOOT.BIN inside the USRDIR directory, he only have it in SYSDIR but he also said that it is un-needed
    This backs up what I just wrote 2 seconds ago, there is info in hdd0/game/here... that is where the eboot.bin/eboot.pbp is being launched from.

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    tjay17 Guest
    I want to see when this is released I.. want to try a few psp games on the ps3 and who know what this will lead to.

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    nataku522 Guest

    PSP on CFW

    This thread looks to be dead but with all of the recent advancements with Custom Firmware and other homebrew. Would/could anyone try to pick up this topic?

    This guys videos if you believe them or not were still convincing enough to pose the possibility that there is a PSP emu on the PS3. The guy has not posted his tool but it looks as if this discussion is still good enough to bring back to life.

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    FMAranda Guest
    Of course there is a PSP emu on the PS3, this is how minis works. This is a small part of Angry Birds PARAM.SFO (inside EBOOT.PBP)
    Can you see the PSP_SYSTEM_VER, also, if I'm not wrong, PSOne Classics runs as PSP too.

    I tried to run some PSP games UMD version, but the problem is the EBOOT.BIN and BOOT.BIN (BOOT.BIN is an EBOOT.BIN decrypted), I hex edited it but we can't sign it. They have almost the same file architecture.

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    Asch18 Guest
    I think I might just give it a try... if anything good comes out of it, I'll post a video of how I did it .-.

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