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    Junior Member DJTommy812's Avatar
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    you said it yourself, why would someone who CAN do it for free pay, they don't. It is those who cannot do it that fall for these dongles.

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    Is there any info how we can update the Cheatlist with this ?

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    From what I seen, when trying to get it to work, the cheat list is preloaded in the package and seems pretty up to date. Hopefully the author will update it when needed or at least give the info needed for DIY.

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    anyone who wants to cheat on world at war but if you have BLES00354 game ID download the latest game update data then download the american version here:


    and replace the contents of your update data with the ameican version but keeping the original PARAM.SFO file. this might work with other games too!

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    Sweet. I've always wanted a program that could take ingame screenshots. Now if only it didn't have the cheat thing attached to it. Better than nothing lol

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    That seems to be my problem, as in all my games are bles but the ones I want on the usercheat seem to mostly be blus.

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    I just realised that your supposed to launch from the disc icon, alas I have no drive

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    most games should work with different ID codes, same as with dongle and you can also use app_home with cheats

    for example, i have used mostly BLAS codes for BLES games with usercheat
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    PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat Dongle v2.2 Update is Now Released

    Following up on their initial release, today PlayStation 3 dongle hackers Oct0xor (aka Mr. DongleBreaker) and Flat_z have released PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat dongle update version 2.2 with Cheatlist.dat v6.0 for those interested.

    Download: PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat Dongle v2.2 Update

    To quote via Twitter: Cracked ps3usercheat v2.2 + cheatlist.dat v6.0

    Thanks to Khaled Alshabak and all contributors, you motivates me.

    Will release a way to modify cheatlist.dat in future.

    Have Fun!

    PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat Dongle v2.2 Update is Now Released

    PS3UserCheat PS3 Cheat Dongle v2.2 Update is Now Released

    More PlayStation 3 News...
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    thanks for the update boss.

    hope this guy can do the other dongles for everyone also


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