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    JeoWay Guest

    Post Ultimate Save Resigning Guide

    Hello, I have written an in-depth tutorial on how to use the PS3 Save Resigner by K.G & how to build your own Games Configuration Table set with the saves keys (This fixes Save Game Corruptions).

    To quote: To start off, all tools and programs are linked at the end.

    *REQUIRES .Net Framework 4 and msvr100.dll !!

    1) Open up the Save Resigner.
    2) In the tabs, go to "Customized Profile Settings"
    3) Go the options to "Enter Public Keys"
    4) Enter in the Public Keys into the Correct Lines.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    5) Press "Save Keys" (So you don't have to enter on startup)
    6) Copy over *YOUR* save data from the PS3.
    7) Locate "Enter Private Keys".
    8) Either enter the values in yourself or load YOUR param.sfo from YOUR Save.
    9) Now click save Profile (As either 01, 02, or 03)
    10) On the tabs, go back to "Save Resigner"
    11) Go to File > Open > Locate Modded Save Data
    12) After mod save is loaded, you can change region by editing the Game ID.
    13) (Don't edit the Console, Account, or User ID's)
    14) Now select a profile to resign to.
    15) Either decrypt the save and then edit and re-encrypt and resign OR...
    16) Simply click "Resign" and use it.
    17) Sometimes it still says corrupt after resign so you need to copy params.


    1) Check the box of copy params of a specific game.
    2) If you get an error, you need to install msvr100.dll (Link Below)
    3) Now select "Resign", and it MAY fix the corrupt issue.

    (I have had this problem with Sound Shapes Game Save)


    msvr100.dll = http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...n.aspx?id=5555
    Microsoft .Net Framework 4 = http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/downl...ramework%204.0
    PS3 Save Game Resigner by K.G = https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x8tvy92l6d8wgeq/A_HuXl2bDm


    This is caused because the games.conf file does not have the games savedata keys in it. This is because a game that is protected with a file hash key hasn't been signed properly. In order to do this, you need to update the configuration file with keys.

    Configuration File Structure

    Lets pretend our game name is "JeoWay's Tutorial" and our region code for account is JWUB6144 for example.

    ; Game settings This is always at the top of file on the first line
    Keep a space here and for every game information you put in!
    ; "JeoWay's Tutorial" This is where you need to put the game name in quotations.
    [JWUB6144] In the brackets is where you put region code (Name of Save Folder)
    ;disc_hash_key= This is ALWAYS the same thing. Just copy it there EXACTLY how it is in this example and dont change it!!!
    secure_file_id:*=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X Corresponds to the Key. This is the key. Below is how to get it.

    That up there ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is the Configuration Structure... Below is an example of THREE Games being recordered in the .conf file!

    [Register or Login to view code]

    And it continues exactly in that form above ^^^ Notice the Spaces above, thats VERY important!!

    How to get your secure_file_id (Save Key) for updating configuration file!

    In order to obtain the Key for the secure_file_id to sign the save data so it won't be corrupt either copying or loading the data on PS3, you either need to use a good Brute Forcing Program, Calculate them yourself, or live without it.

    I recommend using the Save Data Bruteforce program here: ps3tools.aldostools.org/BruteforceSaveData.rar

    Using the Bruteforcing Program (Tutorial for Aldostools: PS3 Tools Collection 2.3.7)

    1. Make sure "Use Data Aligment" is checked in the top right hand corner.
    2. Under the "Use Data Aligment", press the button with three periods "..."
    3. Find your save data folder and select it.
    4. Once opened, where the information is displayed in the middle, right click it and press "Bruteforce"
    5. It will ask you to bruteforce again, press yes and at the bottom should be the info you should recognize (The .conf information).
    6. Copy and Paste that code into the Configuration File in the Save Resigner (Refer to Configuration File Structure to learn how)
    7. Save the configuration file and voila, just resign your savedata and you shouldn't get anymore errors.

    How to copy save data to your PlayStation 3!

    1. Plug in your USB to your PC
    2. In the root, create a folder called "PS3" (Without quotations.)
    3. Inside the folder "PS3", create another folder called "SAVEDATA (Again, no quotations)
    4. Inside the folder "SAVEDATA", place your resigned save data in there.
    5. Plug USB in PS3, now copy over to PS3.

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    franci95 Guest
    hello guys

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    jetorrado Guest
    hi everyone newbie here...

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    black2303 Guest
    Nice, thank you.

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    lord900 Guest
    nice news

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    Plarus Guest
    thank you !

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    KevinKickback Guest

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    WhiteWolfHG Guest
    cool i look forward to using it

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    exassasinx Guest
    sup, can't wait for it to be ported to 4.xx

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    Cicciotom Guest
    Thanks for the cheats!

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