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    Video: PS3Tetris PS3 Homebrew GameOS Port is Now Available

    Today Slicer4ever has released a PS3 homebrew GameOS port of what he calls PS3Tetris for PlayStation 3 JailBreak users alongside a video of it in action from LiquidWater91.

    Download: PS3Tetris PS3 Homebrew GameOS Port / PS3Tetris Final PS3 Homebrew GameOS Port / PS3Tetris Source Code

    From the video's caption: PS3Tetris for the PS3, this is homebrew, so will only run on an JailBroken PS3, uses ooPo's toolchain, and PSL1GHT making it completely legal =-), this also takes advantage of the GPU, using the RSX for all rendering, which is awesome.

    To quote: The video above is from an earlier state, the game is now nearly complete and created by me, and now released, so enjoy.

    Source: have to fix 2 bugs first, then will release source.

    Known bugs:

    1. Scores don't save (I don't know why yet!)
    2. Attempting to play in 480p causes the PS3 to crash! (Not a clue on this one either)

    Well, I need some sleep now! Hopefully you guys well find some fun out of it!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Question sir... how was the music done for this? Is it straight playback, or is it FM synth or?

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