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    Video: PS3 XMB Live Wallpaper and Icons for Android Phones

    With the recent confirmation of an official PlayStation App for iPhone and Android handsets, today (linked above) has shared a video on customizing Android phones with a PS3 custom theme, XMB wallpaper and icons.

    Downloads: Android Phone PlayStation 3 XMB Icon Pack / Wave Lite Live Wallpaper QR Code / Desktop Visualizer QR Code

    Below is a tutorial on how to theme your Android phone with a PS3 XMB and icons alongside a video of a Droid 2 Global customized with an XMB and PlayStation icons, and to quote:

    "First, you'll need to download the Wave Lite Live Wallpaper app from the Android Market by Crazy Zen Lab. The live wallpaper isn't exactly the XMB, but it's the very closest thing to it. Other than the width of the "waves" it's nearly perfect.

    The developer even claims in the description that the wave was inspired by the PS3 and PSP. The live wallpaper has settings that you can tweak to your liking. We've given ours a solid black background and slowed down the speed of the wave to more closely resemble the PS3?s XMB.

    Now, the wallpaper part is done. Next is the actual XMB icons, which you'll be able to customize yourself. You can choose the icons yourself, then map them to whatever application or shortcut you want using the Desktop Visualizer app by Bii, Inc.

    Using the app you have to just select the image file you want to use as an icon, then select which app/shortcut you want the icon to trigger. You can also name the icon/shortcut anything you want, or you can chose to leave it blank as we've done in the demonstration video at the top of the post. Just repeat as you feel necessary.

    It's as simple as that. The customizations are nearly endless. There are many other ways to personalize your Android Phone. We suggest the LauncherPro app if you want to customize your phone's dock, that is the buttons at the bottom of your phone's screen. Using LaunchPro you can customize your phone even further.

    Note: Not all of these apps work well with every Android phone, and we suggest that you have at least Android 2.0 before you attempt these. If you notice any lag or issues, it's best to remove these apps from your phone. Also, expect some added battery drain while using a live wallpaper."

    Video: PS3 XMB Live Wallpaper and Icons for Android Phones

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    why this thread is in ps3 hacks section Oo ?

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    Mainly because it's a PS3-related mod, and this section is for PS3 hacks, exploits, homebrew, mods etc news. I would have stuck it in the general PS3 news section if it didn't involve any customizing/modifying.

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    really nice, thankyou guys and merry Christmas!!

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    Shame on Sony, they should have started integrating this xmb system to their Sony Ericsson phones day 1 when PS 3 had been out, instead their top management is leeching every dollar with slow and crappy phone designs.

    the Xperia Play is a little too late when XBL and zune HD is full fledged on every win 7 phone.

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    this is pretty cool. i wish i had an android smartphone to try this out on.


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