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    evolover69 Guest
    cool! but personally don't think i'll do this... earning trophies is what's fun!

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    technodon Guest

    Trophy Hacking Revisited

    i posted on the forum a few days about about a tophy share/hack thing, maybe it got deleted or moved, i can't seem to find the post but the trophies are assigned each console id, maybe if we open the file in a hex editor and copy your console information into the file as long as the trophies were earned legitimately on a user which has not been signed into psn they might sync online, not been tested yet but is a very good working theory, might try this a little later on.

    i'm sick of creating new accounts to test this though, also this would only work if you didint have the game on your trophy list otherwise you get a error probably because it checks against psn server?

    No, the important data must be encrypted so until someone finds a way to decrypt the .dat files, this ain't going to work..

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    G Sus Guest
    nothing can ever be straight forward and simple, but i guess thats why we all addicted to trying.

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