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Thread: Video: PS3 TEST BD-Emulator in Action & More!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Just a brief update, for those interested: it appears the 1.6 leak on torrents was 156.11MB according to Google. Beyond that, there was also a 209MB and 214MB (topsite) leak of the 1.6 last year. Finally, there was a 2.30 $DK docs leak that was 160MB (originating from Spanish Web sites apparently).
    ok, i need a precision
    what you mean by topsite ?
    can you give us a topsite example ?
    where we can find the sdk 1.6 who are 209 and 214MB ?

    thanks for all precision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RexVF5 View Post
    Which of them was complete - i.e. having compilers, etc.?
    I am not sure if any are complete, some just appear to contain more files than the others.

    I will have to dig through them this weekend and reply back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mother Brain View Post
    ok, i need a precision
    what you mean by topsite ?
    can you give us a topsite example ?
    where we can find the sdk 1.6 who are 209 and 214MB ?
    Topsites are private SSL servers that release groups use to distribute their files to the masses. I can't give you any names of them as they are all private (and the leaks were on them last year, no idea if they still exist on any today as most don't archive such things).

    I can probably post the file names of the leaks I have archived, but you would have to try hunting them down on your own. Chances are, it will be difficult unless you know someone on a topsite with them still or who can request them on one.

    Update: I checked and none of the 1.6 leaks include the 1.6/1.8 compiler nor the required dtnetm file (which links the Debug and PC). However, there was also a 1.92 FULL $DK leak last year (CJPC reminded me of it tonight when speaking to him on this stuff) and the rar is called 192_sdk_full.rar (643MB) which contains PS3_SDK-192_001-Installer_1.0.MSI that includes everything needed. So in short, that is in public circulation and is probably what those out of the loop should be seeking at this time.

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    I want to say thank you to CJPC for sharing the infos with us.

    Now i have also a dev ps3 and as i was a new comer to the scene, years ago, i started with ripping off of ps2 games.I love to ripp games
    I want to try out the BD Emulator and have a few question´s:

    To decrypt the executeable we could use known methodes like the retail itself?

    And to quick test a game it must be on a hdd or does a 8GB flash pen also work?

    Will this
    be importend in any case (e.g. key)?

    Sounds a way to easy

    EDIT: sry for that question´s. After a little bit more reading your post´s and playing around with the dev, i can understand few things more.

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