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    Is Sony going to sue for this too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
    I'd rather use it to play with some of the emulators instead of using the touchscreen >_>
    I'd rather play the emulators on something other than a phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d3adliner View Post
    I'd rather play the emulators on something other than a phone.
    Haters gonna hate.

    Who said anything about it being just on a phone? Many Android tablets are strong enough to run a lot of emulators (PSX, N64, SNES and GBA). Hook that up to a large TV via HDMI when you're not at home and you have yourself a portable old school emulation device. That, coupled with a PS3 controller for ease of use makes it a plus.

    That said, this is more of a "look what I can do".

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    Galaxy S2?

    Quote Originally Posted by ModderFokker View Post
    If anyone was wondering its not working on my rooted galaxy s2.
    hey mate, have you got CM7 on your rooted Galaxy S2? I believe that fixed the problem with the missing protocols yet i can't seem to do anything to my galaxy and i'm on VillianROM atm!!

    any help would be appreciated! the galaxy s 2 is one of the best android deviced undoubtably atm!!


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