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  1. #91
    avojps24 Guest
    the links don't work for me.

  2. #92
    KerKid Guest
    if someone could figure out how to make this work on 3.56 + would this enable downgrading?

  3. #93
    AlfabeticsXx Guest


    This might be somewhat important, 3.66 disables the QA Flag if you have it activated before updating.

  4. #94
    TUHTA Guest
    what does qa_flag_extra.pkg do??

  5. #95
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Pretty much what is posted HERE, to quote: "For those curious, the PS3 QA Flag Extra (Advanced) has a few other flags / tokens set but it's not for general use."

  6. #96
    TUHTA Guest
    cheers for that boss..

  7. #97
    daivyphuong Guest
    good job.

  8. #98
    dfs2e Guest
    i still do not see how this helps for development. on works on 3.55 and below... last i checked this is still not a downgrade for 3.56+ so how does this help again... this is pretty much the same as all those fake video videos... hey look what i can do on 3.55... lol

  9. #99
    p0tsm0ke Guest
    great news

  10. #100
    NTA Guest
    dfs2e I agree that this might not be the result that a lot of us are looking for, but at least it's progress. One of the possibilities I'm hoping for is being able to freely upgrade and downgrade. I can be patient and see how this turns out though lol.

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