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    Video: PS3 Proxy Server Demonstrated on Firmware 2.60?

    Here is a video of PS3 Proxy Server (alternate PS3Proxy) being used with PS3 Firmware 2.60.

    Note: It is believed that once you download the PSN PKG file you can see it in the XMB and still (as always) have to install it.

    The video does not show that, most likely because the installation would fail generating an error as it has since around the 2.4 PS3 Firmware Update. This is likely why the bubble is still around it when it's shown in the PS3 XMB.

    However, the video does show the downloading of a file via PS Proxy. Feel free to comment below if anyone experiments with this further!

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    I gave ya +Rep Dave3991 for sharing this, and also added a summary of myself and idone's thoughts on the video as a note.

    To date, many have been able to download PKG files with PS3 Proxy on Firmware 2.60 but the installing part is what usually gives people the dreaded error.

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    Up! I have the same problem with a intall failed demo..

    thanks for replys

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    Yes, sad thing is that it is not just you but everyone on newer firmware. But if a new "working" method arises you can be sure to find it on ps3news

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    is there a way to downgrade the console, a method or tutorial for HDD delete or reset this because i have a cd firmware 2.10

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    Sadly, the only way to downgrade at the moment is if you have an Infectus Mod-chip installed and have backed up your PS3 flash files.

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    Ok i waitin.. thanks idone

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    still sucks that the install wont work. Anyways props for using Linkin Park in the video.

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    Old news. You can only install same game as you download. Instaling different game from demo you downloaded gives you an error.

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    Okai, I therefore believe there should be at the console that the demo has already been installed before. This would be a good track to find a solution.. if there are new for this error that prevented me.

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