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    Apr 2005

    Video: PS3 JailBroken with a PlayStation 3 SixAxis Controller?

    Update: The PICGroove Mod PS3 SixAxis Guide is now available as promised for those interested in JailBreaking your PS3 with a PlayStation 3 SixAxis Controller!

    Today hasuky at Spanish site Elotrolado.net (linked above) posted a video (below) of what appears to be a PS3 JailBroken using a PlayStation 3 SixAxis controller.

    According to el_apren on IRC he plans to share a guide tomorrow on how it was done. When asked if the controller is usable afterwards he confirmed that it does indeed work normally on the PS3.

    Below is the video courtesy of ryohasuky via YouTube along with a rough translation of his post, as follows:

    "Start by telling you, not to say bad words are one of those many people that maybe criticize the work of others without having done any research or evidence.

    Give me a little sorry for yourself and for those who doubt this project because I've spent a bit of my time and achieved what I wanted to do, not having a separate usb device, I wanted to run from the command Psgroove Sixsaxis and step be updatable via PC with just the controller and a USB cable for your bad luck has made the video I'm uploading it now takes a bit because my connection is shared.

    If you wait about 30 minutes more or less what you see, long time I was interested by the different consoles, as amended.

    I tell you to cool something that was the first to repair a bad nand extracted from a xbox 360, I have a couple of tutorials that many served him.

    And thanks to EOL and many people who make this forum what is now really. Tomorrow I will have to make the tutorial and make the respective tests. Greetings."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ExMachinaRus Guest

    Big Grin

    Yeah! At last! Can't wait!

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    humi Guest
    omfg, he really does it

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    proskopina Guest
    thanks boss for sharing!!

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    jevolution Guest
    omg...awesome. i really didn't expect this

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    Apr 2005
    If it's legitimate hehe... I know it was mentioned a few weeks ago, but it was just an idea back then.

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    theshow4life Guest
    I think it might be a fake. i really hope not but he could just have the psjailbreak in the back usb. He never shows the back usbs.

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    neoxxx Guest
    I do not understand how there is space available on the EEPROM of sixaxis..

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    humi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by theshow4life View Post
    I think it might be a fake. i really hope not but he could just have the psjailbreak in the back usb. He never shows the back usbs.
    back usb?

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    hayman Guest
    OMG.. is this real?!

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