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    Quote Originally Posted by denunes View Post
    there's a button in the back of the sixaxis. see 0:05 of the video... he make changes to the controller, can only be.
    yeah then he shows the back again with finger over the button!!!

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    Apr 2010
    If real, it is awesome.

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    WOW I cant believe how many freeloaders are calling this a fake. I mean give em a chance you may well be surprised.

    This is great news indeed if it does not need anything more than a few cheap parts everyone should be able to so this one. Lets give em a chance and see whats up.

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    That button could be the rapid fire mod.

    Let's just wait until tomorrow. Give them the chance to fine tune and compile their code. Maybe they were only excited since this is really an unprecedented progress.

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    yeah what back usb its does not have a back usb port well mine fat one dont so i dont know what people are taking about and any way time will tell.

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    if it's real a lot of props to him and it'll make it more accessible to everyone.

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    Theres a new slogan for you sony "It only hacks itself"! Well sorta yunno what I mean! FU Sony!

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    Arrrrgh! I finally broke down and bought a DIY board since no breaks were available for anything I owned... and then they go and finally make the iPod 5th Gen and SixAxis jailbreaks. You guys suck lol!

    Congrats to both teams for a job well done!

    BTW, this is a majorly hilarious thing when you think about it... Sony disabled third-party USB devices because of the Jailbreak... now how are they going to combat having their own controllers doing the breaking? lmao

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    Well... time will tell if this is true or not. I have two DS3 ready to 'patch', and PS3 Break coming soon, to be sure!

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    Considering it has a button used during the exploit process, he may simply have another chip wired into the controller, where it is only activated when the button is held down.

    I'm neutral on this one. It could be real or fake. I'm leaning toward the real because I can't see someone wasting a $50 controller by putting a fake mod button on it.

    The most important question is if the PS3 can distinguish from the controller when it is working in normal mode, or when it is hosting the exploit. If he simply has another chip inside, it could very well be possible that the PS3 see's the "exploit mode" as a completely different device. So for those thinking that this will prevent Sony from blocking your exploit device, I wouldn't be so sure. It would still most likely block the exploit when that button on the controller is pressed, but still function when the hack is not enabled.

    This may be nothing more than a dev board inside a fancy PS3 controller, with a button to switch between the dev board and the PS3 chip.

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