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Thread: Video: PS3 JailBroken with a PlayStation 3 SixAxis Controller?

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    manboo8000 Guest
    could this be a method for 3.42 or 3.50??

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    KrzyInuYasha Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jevolution View Post
    lol number 3 is the most likely if its a fake, because that would allow the controller itself to function normally over bluetooth.

    don't be too quick to call fakes though, its not nice to devs that really put time and effort into making stuff that they just release for free.
    Oh I know and I'm not one to do so usually but considering the the controller uses a undocumented chip, That as far as I know only Sony and the manufacturer has the info on. It makes you question if it's real especially with the controller complete closed up the way it is. Now if he posts a video of it working showing both sides of the board and sitting next to the PS3 hooked up then I won't doubt as much.

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    Deviouz Guest
    what's with that lil button on the back of the controller at 0:06 ..??

    notice he is pressing it while booting up the ps3..??

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    dondolo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by denunes View Post
    there's a button in the back of the sixaxis. see 0:05 of the video... he make changes to the controller, can only be.
    well he may did this during his studies we have to wait for his tutorial...

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    Progeria Guest
    yeah his pressing it when booting the second time and release it when its booted..

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    skatomelato Guest
    The controller has something strange at the back... Watch the video at 0:06…

    Sorry if I have mistakes…

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    robertuswe Guest
    so it's possible use joypad to play and to jailbreak !? soo strange... anyway we must wait a files to try that.

    i have fat60gb and there isn't back usb port.

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    luke54 Guest
    Does it work only with Sixaxis or also with Dualshock 3?

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    highcol1911 Guest
    well this is defo gonna be a hardware mod..

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by theshow4life View Post
    I think it might be a fake. i really hope not but he could just have the psjailbreak in the back usb. He never shows the back usbs.
    The PS3 never had back USB. Only the Xbox360 has back USB. The 60GB has 4 on the front, the rest only have 2 on the front.
    Does the 80GB have 4 or 2 usb? I cant remember, I've only seen 2 of them. The 20GB also has 4 USB but its got all black face not silver like the 60GB.

    ANYWAY, This is AWESOME news. Whats $ony gonna do now? Block original $ony controllers? LOL

    Can't wait for this to come out. I guess it'll be the default for jailbreakers from now on. NO more stuffing around with different devices or dongles, just plug in your controller and away you go.

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