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Thread: Video: PS3 JailBroken with a PlayStation 3 SixAxis Controller?

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    Breach Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zzk2001 View Post
    Man... what a waste of time.. it turns out to be dumb and just a waste of time
    If you want a simple "any dumb monkey can do it, plug and play mod" just go buy a usb key. The fact is, there are still many of us out here who modify things, just for the enjoyment of hacking into some hardware and playing around.

    This guy did not say this was a soft mod. You made a poor assumption. Period. I think this guy did a great job and I give him the proper cred he deserves. Let me add for those complaining that the description was "misleading".

    The person who did this hack did not claim that he hacked the PS3 with a SixAxis. All that was stated was that he didn't want to use a seperate USB device. When asked, it he stated that it did require soldering. He also clearly showed a button on his controller which should have let your to think it was a hardware mod.

    So chill out. Have a beer (or root beer if you are not 21+) and either have fun with this mod or wait for another dumb monkey mod.

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    frg7700 Guest
    Whatever was claimed originally, I've no Spanish, the claim on this site and all other PS3 fansites I'm aware of was that the PS3 had been jailbroken with a sixaxis. Maybe their bad I don't know. Given that there had been speculation that the EEPROM on the controller might be capable of taking the JB code the disappointment with this project is understandable.

    It uses a sixaxis case (and some of its hardware fittings) as a case for a homebrew jailbreak device. The utility of this is IMO at least, debateable. It's cheeky and it's novel. Everyone with a PS3 has one and it saves carrying an extra device.

    On the other hand, it's a little more involved than simply altering the existant circuitry and ultimately you're fitting a device with long term utility into a the case of another which generally has a relatively short life span... How many fat owners are still on their first controller?

    In my case the most interesting issue raised is that it's got me thinking about fitting a JB device internally in my UK launch console. Being able to solder, or being able to furtle one piece of tech to fit inside the case of another is nothing particularly laudable, although it is fun. Nor is thinking that it's a waste of time (a point which I pretty much agree with) groounds for being described as a "monkey".

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    Skevast Guest
    Or buy 20 Sixaxis controllers incase this becames really easy to hardware mod, who knows this could be the greatest way to do this hack, hope it's realy easy with just some resisitors condesators a button and some wire, Some guy mentioned the controlller had a 8 MB memory chip, no way all this memory is used for the buttons, maybe the blutooth use alot of memory however I am sure if you extract it right you can put the jailBreak somewhere in the code without destroying any functionality.

    If you put in some work you could also upgrade the Blu Tooth ad some autotofire and even add some button codes to make games like Tekken really easy, you just need to know what you are doing. I bet the Guys that made those copies controllers that support Blu Tooth without any dongle could give it a shot.

    I was at mediamark in sweden and I saw 3rd party controllers with logos that it was endorsed by PS3, I smell a law suit if they disable all the hardware they endorsed since they got like 50% of the profit alone just for the endorsment. What should these companies do now? lay down and die like sony would prefer most or get their stock of merchandise bought up by sony and sieze to exist. It is true the bigggest players in the rom make the rules.

    If sony says jump they alll have to jump even if it's from the 30th floors roof. Everybody knows Sony is mostly if not etneirly Japanesse, and if they want to fall on their sword out of shame because they didn't se this comming they are welcome to it, however they shouldn't force all the other people who saw this to do the same. They were fairly warned in the media when they took away other OS support.

    However they bow to no one since they are "Sony" and therefor always right... Exept this time maybe, with all the answers at hand they shouldn't have dismantled Other OS Support but make it a bigger part of the experience. Releasing the brakes for the CPU/GPU and the memory so people could use it as a ordinary HTPC with Linux and be able to use all the software any other HTPC could use. WITH their multi cored Cell Processor they would erease companys as tvix or popcorn hour and we the consumers wouldn't neet to have 10 difftrent things connected to our television.

    But no they are Sony and they make up the rues we should play their games and buy their Blu Ray movies that we already payed for once ore twice or maybe even 3 times for the same titles, Buying then on VHS or BETA a very few of us bougt an extensive library of Laser disk movies and I myself have over 2 thousand original movies on DVD i had like 4 thousand on VHS but that was 20 years ago, I gave the most of them away when I sold my S-VHS Video to a friend for a totalic symbolic sum of 100 Swedish kronor, its like $15 I payed 5 years earlier like 20 thousand swedish kronor for the One world Panasonic S-VHS Player, back then it was like 80 thousand now.

    it looked great with a giant display with a map as I can rememer it. I was dissapointed that I couldn't buy movies in S-VHS 20 thousand was like $3000 in todays value it would be more then $10 000 but I always had to have the best. Today despite it's hightech apeal S-VHS became a failure, and now I am greatful I didn't buy a few thousand movies in S-VHS. I friend invested in a Laser Disk player soon after saying I was a fool throwing money on something that was already dead.

    If you used the S-VHS super expensive tapes you could copy laser Disks and you wouldn't notice the difference however the emty tapes were more expensive then original movies so it was never a hit. S-VHS reamained only for exclusive peple who wanted the best and thats why it never went down in price, not even the empty 1 hour tapes that couldn't even fit a movie. Laser Disks was a faiulure also and my friend with nearlt 2 thousand movies said it would be worth more when it's out of the picture. having a Laser Disk with 2 thousand movies costed back then more then a porce or another diabolic car.

    He said he just needed to sit on it and it would be worth more then what he payed I remmember a specific movie he was playing with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin, Sea of Love I belive, it was new back then to give you a perpective how long back this was he had the best Lser Disk Player that changed sides by itself, he was like my in that way, way buy something god when there existed something better.

    I always payed the extra money to get the modell ahead and so did he, wasn't many Laser Disk Players that changed sides by itself. The movie was as big as a Vinyl musik album but the weight was almost tvice as mutch, so the player didn't really fplip the Disk over it had 2 lasers instead one under and one over and you noticed the switch, the switch was fast for that time but you still could read the flip disk message on the blue background.

    Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me however hollywood and sony think people can be fooled over and over without holding any grudge. I am still holding to my DVD collection 90% of them still has the plastic foil on them since I already seen them long time ago and new movies I prefer seing at a cinema so no need to open up the DVD movie and let dust in. However it still feels like I payed for the same cat twice.

    The VHS tapes I had to get rid of because it took to mutch place and when a nostalgic friend was intrested I sold him everything I could find for a symbolic price. We still had taxes when we gave somebody a gift over a certain value so selling it cheap was a lophole. If he didn't pay me the 100 Kronor he would instead need to pay several thousand to the state. It was like 15 cardboard boxes with movies and the "ONe World" Panasonic player. It was worthless but the tax office has a vivid imagination, and I prefer doing my bussines safe.

    Sony wants me to do this over and over again every time they come with a slightly better format throw away all my DVD's and and starting buying Blu Rays Like a crazy person. I most admit I try to get everything new on Blu Ray however they still hold out on me. I am a sucker for tv Shows and those cant be found on Blu Ray, so they are literally forcing me to buy. I don't really care about copyright anymore, they have scrued more money out of me then anyone else. I just hold on to My dvd's and I get every singel DVD I own IN MKV format so I can watch it in 1080p and I can fit my whole dvd collection on 10 of those 2TB hardives and then I get 1080p, it's a shame I don't get them subtitled as I payed for them from the begining but you win some and you loose some.

    Like I said before fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    They pay of politicians, Judges to change the llaws so they can scrue people over and over. I am a Law abbiding citizen but I also follow a moral code, If the laws conflict with my moral code, the code wins every time. As long you can buy new laws the world isn't perfect.

    And the big Companys are diabolical, if they could sell you your own kidney then they would be satisfied. If a large company make the same profit 2 years in a row their lawyers actually argue that they loose money. Their profits need to increase every year so they don't need to lay people off. The morrons don't really understand the world, there is a ballance, if someone makes a dime some else has to lose the same dime.

    So if every company thinks like that and their profits need to increas from year to year the only place they can squize the money from is from the people because companys use same lawyers. this doesn't sound so bad on a year to year basis. So people eat cheaper food this year however the companys think like that every year. If the profit isnšt begger from year to year it's a loss to them no matter they are still making alot of money.

    Think this happening in 10 years or 100 years. In the end the employees actually has to pay the company to work there and their biology has to change so they actually make energi by working not using it up, they actually need to throw up food instead of eating it. not only the worker but their children aswell. it would be rather hard to sell the throwed up food since everybody is doing it and nobody eats. even if your body produced food so you could pay the companys that you work for them they would still need to make more every year. There is actually no chance we produse energi by moving, we will consume energy that way however alla the big companys plans are wrong!!!!

    Why can't they be satisfied they made the same profit this year as the year before? because they are morrons that's why the lways make mistakes like this. In swedish there is a say, if you put to mutch in your mouth there is a risk you open your mouth to mutch and you lose everything you already have put there. It sounds really mutch better in swedish but it's mostly about greed, wnem it's going well why take the chance and lose everything by wanting a little more.

    Just what happened to Sony Taking Away other OS was their greed talkning. Did they really think they were so clever that nobody could hack their machine? or did them leave their machine alone since they already supported linux partly. Taking away Linux for hackers made them real mad and Sony Payed the price.

    I am pretty sure the person that had the briliant idea to take away the Other OS support already falle on his sword since it's japan and everything.

    Sonys only chance to please hackers and end the war is to make a official firmware with other os support and total hardware usage in that OS they should even throw in PS1 and PS 2 emulation, the should put all their available people to make patches for old games to make like 80-90% of the games working.

    Maybe then the hackers stop with what they are doing and install XBMC in the PS 3 Linux and start watching 1080p movies instead of trying to destroy sony. And don't worry sony you will be able to sell a movie per person in some format. trying to sell the same thing on diffrent medias is cheating at least, I myself would call it stealing especially if you sell the same movie to the same person twice, like once on DVD and once on Blu Ray. My blood boils when I think what kind of morrons they take us for.

    They even plan this, sometimes the blu Ray's comes a week or two later so the can sell a DVD to everybody first. This happens mostly with popular movies. They take adventage people can't wait.

    I think Movies should be seling at the same time they are on cinema, it feels like some kind of fraud. If you want to watch it pay for the cinema and if you like to own it buy it 6 months later. The choice should be ours but this way works best to steal all our hard earned money, that's why it will never stop. And they put our children as adults trough the court system because a 10 years old filmed 10 seconds of shrek on a really bad mobile phone camera it was really long time ago so the cameras were really crappy, you could barly recognise who was Shrek and who was fiona, and that was before all the weight gain.

    I am sure the security guard that ruined that family was really proud of himself. If he was a humanbeing he would sit beside her and explain you couldn't even take pictures at the cinema because it was illegal and then he could have ereased the 10 seconds she recorded. I am quite sure she wasn't in any release group if I was a security guard there I would just explaned it to her instead of busting her an ruining her evening. Some people are evil trough the core, I bet he though he would get a promotion for a job well done. Hopes the jerk will burn in hell if there is something similar...

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    lv128 Guest
    Woah... lay off the starbucks. Someone could have drowned in that stream of consciousness.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Skevast View Post
    Or buy 20 Sixaxis controllers incase this becames really easy to hardware mod, who knows this could be the greatest way to do this hack, hope it's realy easy with just some resisitors condesators a button and some wire, Some guy mentioned the controlller had a 8 MB memory chip, no way all this memory is used for the buttons, maybe the blutooth use alot of memory however I am sure if you extract it right you can put the jailBreak somewhere in the code without destroying any functionality.
    It uses a bit more than that - PIC chip - but it's still cheap as chips

    Memory on it's own is pretty much useless unless you have a processor / programmable chip to go with it to actually run the code.

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    sprayer Guest
    why can't jailbreak via pc usb cable?

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    Warrorar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sprayer View Post
    why can't jailbreak via pc usb cable?
    you need a controlling usb device.. not a slaving.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Could some one plz convert the .hex to a pic 18f4550? I read that the 2550 and the 4550 are the same so i'm guess we can use the same hex but i'm not sure about that.

    I seached a lot for the PIC18F2550 but every where it will be sold out and next bath will be arrive to 9.12. or something else.

    That's too long to wait and the PIC18F4550 are available every where. So if some one can port the hex to 4550 (if we can not use the same hex as for 2550) a lot of people where really exited.

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    rribeiro74 Guest

    Big Grin

    I guess the next firmware upgrade will disable the SixAxis Controller.

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    whinis Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by rribeiro74 View Post
    I guess the next firmware upgrade will disable the SixAxis Controller.
    No, as this works like any other jailbreak.

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