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    Apr 2005

    Video: PS3 JailBreak Homebrew TXT Reader Beta 1 is Released

    Today facanferff has released a PS3 homebrew TXT Reader PKG application for JailBreak users followed by a SuiteApp Beta update alongside a video of it in action and some updates below.

    Download: PS3 Homebrew TXT Reader Beta 1 / SuiteApp Beta / SuiteApp Beta (3.55 FW) / SuiteApp v0.2 Multi Text Reader for PS3

    To quote from PSGroove: "It is currently in beta, and it does exactly as the name implies, reads text (txt) files.

    In addition to txt files it also reads .cpp .c and .h files right off your PS3's hard drive.

    It has a built in file browser and the ability to increase/decrease font size."

    Those interested can check out the video below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Osirisx Guest
    cool little app, might come in useful for some on. is there any way to copy and paste lines of text?

    if not, that might be a feature to add in the next update.

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    fferreira Guest
    Nice idea, I will look for it, but I don't promise it in the next beta. But only time will tell you.

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Nice little program. might come in handy.



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    Apr 2005

    Arrow SuiteApp – Notepad For Your PS3 (WIP)

    I'm not going to do a separate thread for this since this one only has a few posts itself, but here is an update for those following: dukio.com/ps3-jailbreak/suiteapp-notepad-ps3-wip.html
    SuiteApp – Notepad For Your PS3 (WIP)

    Remember TXT reader a while back? Yes, SuiteApp is a port of TXT reader but it’s running PSL1GHT SDK. Apart from the fact that it is utilizing an open source SDK, Fábio Ferreira, the developer of this project will also add more features to this useful application for your PS3 console. Well, I may not always use a document viewer but when i do, it’s that important. icon smile SuiteApp Notepad For Your PS3 (WIP)

    For now it’s a work in progress project, you might want to check the previous work of TXT reader by the same developer. Be aware though, Jailbroken PS3 owners who used older firmwares than 3.41 may no be able to use it because TXT reader (as far as i know) isn’t compiled with 1.92 SDK. Anyway, you can expect these features in the upcoming SuiteApp:
    • Open a document;
    • Fast reading;
    • Settings page: Font size, screen lines, background color, font color;
    • Supports now: *.txt, *.cpp, *.c, *.h, *.ini, *.bin, *.htm, *.aspx, *.php, *.asp, *.xml
    • Now files big (e.g. 1 Gb) doesn’t take time to load
    • Added option to download things (will be used for update and download/open files from websites)
    • File Browser to select document
    • Option to increase/decrease font size
    • Option to increase/decrease number of lines of the document to be read
    • Return to File Browser when you are inside a document (R3)
    • Working in binary mode (for bin files)

    Not now, but in the future facanferff has told me that an editor is on it’s way too. To know more about the progress of SuiteApp use #suiteapp in Twitter of just follow the developer of the project himself facanferff (twitter.com/facanferff).

    Today I want to present to you my current version of it.

    For those that want to know the features of this version, there are:
    • Easy GUI (to be improved in future)
    • File Browser
    • Fast reading, no matter the size (e.g 2Gb)
    • Support 299 file formats (no pdf, doc or chm yet)
    • 11 Background colors available
    • 13 Font colors available
    • Font size adjustable (in Settings page)
    • Screen lines adjustable (in Settings page)
    • Set easily start line (in Settings page)
    • About the app (L3 in document mode)
    • Render pdf file from screen (Square in any mode, available in “/dev_hdd0/suiteapp.pdf”)
    • Render png file from screen (Circle in any mode, available in “/dev_hdd0/game/SUIT11111/PNG/”)
    • Return to File Browser (R3 in document mode)

    Note: Render svg file from screen is ready and working but I decided to not include it for now.
    Note2: You can click Select in document mode to exit. You can exit from XMB but it is faster with Select.
    Another update is below for SuiteApp v0.2 Multi Text Reader for PS3: facanferff.co.cc/index.php/projects/suiteappps3.html
    SuiteApp v0.2 Multi Text Reader for PS3

    Changelog (New in v0.2):
    • File properties: Date of last access/modification; Size (in Mb), UID, GID (SELECT in File Browser / L3 in Document visualization)
    • Render PNG file from screen (render successive images without overwriting previous screenshots) (CIRCLE)
    • Render SVG file from screen (render successive images without overwriting previous screenshots) (TRIANGLE)
    • HEX reading mode (SQUARE in File Browser)

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