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    LukeMulvaney Guest
    i made my own and its not that hard just open it up in HxD hit Ctrl + F and put in "http" the first link is the image so i made my own in photoshop uploaded to photobucket and put in the direct link to my image, then hit Ctrl + F and put in "http" again then the second link is the actual link so put in any site you want, Save and BAM!

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    chriske800 Guest
    i can not find the 63431946571433990 library! what can i do?

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    icecool121 Guest


    How do you download from the channel ? It says a USB with key needs to be connected..


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    trotskiii Guest
    does not work. the folder with the numbers at the end does not exist i have to create it. and nothing comes up in the whats new area. if there are different ways to do this on a uk console can you pls let us know about those paths too. maybe paths are different on uk an us console. /dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/nsx/ {63431946571433990]<<< this folder does not exist on my ps3. so i had to make is to put the xml inside. but it didn't work.

    YES JESS same thing happened to me i made the file and when i restarted the file was gone. pffff

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