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    dondolo Guest
    it's the 1st time i see something NEW running on an italian machine and i'm so proud of their work this is an amazing news, thank you all for you work

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    proskopina Guest
    THANKS Gumbo71!!


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    pspjohnny Guest
    hey, great news.

    but it doesn't work for me. what can i do? where is the problem?

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    Gumbo71 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pspjohnny View Post
    hey, great news.

    but it doesn´t work for me. what can i do? where is the problem?
    right at bottom of first page HERE i have explained how i got it to work.
    Quote Originally Posted by proskopina View Post
    THANKS Gumbo71!!

    no problem

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    pspjohnny Guest
    thanks a lot, working now.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I wasn't able to find Comgenie's File Manager for 3.55 (or any for that matter) through the search function. Would someone mind directing me to a link to download it?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

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    Deeluxe Guest
    Not working for me i tried everything in Gumbo's post. I'm from Bulgaria. Renamed it to NSXWSV-PN.P3.BG-WHATSNEW00000001 but nothing worked, any ideas ?

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    heyyoudienow1 Guest
    this needs more info, can't get it to work 3.55gh no file.. add new file does not show item in what's new. need a how to video please. and tell us what kind of cfw that you can use it in and what you can't.

    more info how too instructions no file 63431946571433990 on my ps3.

    and what is the region code for usa

    can someone take the time and set it up for the us and give us a link to download file for that region code please? i'm not that advance in computers yet but getting there. if i find out how i will let others know.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Didn't work for me either. I thought I'd reboot the console and see if that fixes it and it's deleted the directory.

    The dir wasn't there to start with so I had to make it, then I renamed it to add AU as I'm in Australia and still nothing.

    If there is only 3 homebrew its not that interesting atm anyway. No loss.

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