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Thread: Video: PS3 Firmware 3.50 JailBroken with x3Max, No Downgrading

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    denazgull Guest
    Ive got 'unrecognised usb device' in the top right hand corner every jailbreak.. unless i unplugged my ipod.

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    wait and see.. probably payloads for more known boards are gonna be available sooner and then someone will port it to nano. if it didn't happen.. ask anyone who did port the old ones and he maybe of help. there is not that much people who can port so you will not be lost.

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    Jes03 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Back in the day when I was working on Resistence: FoM hacks, I vividly remember receiving a 30 minute ban from PSN, despite the fact I was not in any match. They can do it...
    That's the PSN account NOT the console.

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    SaveU Guest
    this is tricky news.

    Because as soon as its released sony will patch it. Soooo the question is
    a- do you trust it enough to update, redownload all of your paid for content before its patched, with the risk that its fake (in which you can downgrade if you have the right hardware, but loose all the licences on your content in the format anyway)
    b- wait until its released, and hope you can go online after fast enough to redownload your content before its patched. hmmm

    Withing days of this being released, Sony is going to patch it away. It shouldnt be unleashed unless 2 conditions are met.

    1- Sony puts out an update on its own
    2- The exploit used is patched in said update.

    If a new update is released, and the jailbreak could still work then keep it private.

    The longer we wait before releasing, the more we have to play with when sony kills it.

    If we release it now, we will get psn for a few more days, a dozen new titles to play, then thats all she wrote.

    If we release in 6 months or so, then we get a whole slew of titles to play with.

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    Don't understand your mentality! Sony would put out an update whenever this gets released so even if you wait 6 months it will still get patched within days. Why wait 6 months so more games can be released? In 6 months time will you be saying "wait 6 months more for even more games to get released"? With this mentality who is to say when enough is enough?

    There would be no time for pre-christmas games to get recompiled now, so what games after the season are you hoping to hold out for? You're trying to sound intelligent m8, but to be honest you just sound dumb! The best approach is to release the exploits as they are found and then keep searching for new ones whenever Sony patches them!

    In 6 months time, chances are a new exploit will have been discovered anyway!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No not exactly true We team jesters license have successfully dumped dev_flash of a debug 3.41 FW and released the info here on how we have done.

    So every one with a brain can do the same like us. Additional we playing arround with mixing driver modules because xml hacks can't accecomplish the job. All debug options and otheros is still defined there. But they are not showing up. Even after removing the xml block code it doesn't come up on the xmb.

    The "Game Quit:No Request Event" is a message that now will appear for us too.

    Anyway we testing out severall things and allready have successfully enabled some more debug options with ACID CFW. A vid of it (its only a little sneak-peek) will be in the corresponding post in the news section.

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    SaveU Guest
    The more titles the better. The holiday games are out now, so you are right. But you want to throw this away for a few good titles now? Its been since September, not even 2 full months since the first one came out.

    And already ALL new games have been coming out new firmware only. It took them apx a month to switch the whole thing over. What I say makes sense. Will it be released soon... yup. So in two weeks when we are exactly where we are now, but with 3.50 and the first titles coming out in 2011 are requiring a new firmware, you will understand.

    Its going to come out soon so its a moot point, and you are right, hopefully we will have another exploit. And that one as well I hope we save until its really worth it.

    What I said makes sense, and isn't dumb at all. You are for not seeing the forest through the trees, and getting too wound up in getting access to a "few" titles.

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    Helmax Guest
    I could be horribly wrong here, and please correct me on every error I write but:

    When Sony released 3.50, their goal was to block unauthorized usb/controller devices from registering with the system and actually running the payloads that "hack" the PS3.

    Several weeks/months ago, I saw a video of someone apparently open and mod their PS3 controller, and use it to hack a PS3.

    I know there were new encrypted keys and what not with the 3.50 fw, and I dont know how unusable the current payloads would be on 3.50 if we could get a dongle to register... But is there anyway we could make a payload for 3.50 and put it on a PS3 Controller, and mod it, and then run it? I'm assuming it would still recognize the controller as a registering device.

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    SaveU Guest
    What we would miss out on if it gets released before the end of the year (look how fast they switched it over this last time... they could easily make these 3.60?? dependable)
    • Little big planet 2
    • Killzone 3
    • Dead Space 2
    • The Witcher
    • Crysis 2
    • Dragon Age II
    • Infamous 2

    All for what?

    GTA5 a couple of others?

    All that would be available if it was held back until spring.

    Quote Originally Posted by Helmax View Post
    Several weeks/months ago, I saw a video of someone apparently open and mod their PS3 controller, and use it to hack a PS3.
    I remeber that as well:

    It was more technical, which is great. Makes people work for it and the technical minded could make a little money on it, setting it up for people not willing to try.

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    jacobbones Guest
    So I was about to get an E3 jailbreak w/downgrader until I saw this post. Should I just go with the 3max if it works on 3.5? Has this been released yet or is it all still talk?

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