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Thread: Video: PS3 Firmware 3.50 JailBroken with x3Max, No Downgrading

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    Dotz Guest

    Video: PS3 Firmware 3.50 JailBroken with x3Max, No Downgrading

    Earlier today the PS3Break PS3 Downgrader was announced, and now the x3Max Team has made available a video of their PS JailBreak clone PS3 modchip dongle in action running PlayStation 3 homebrew on Firmware 3.50 without downgrading!

    To quote from (linked above): I was talking to one of the support staff from x3max and they notified me about their new downgrader which they are going to release later today. They have provided me with a video which shows the x3downgrade. I will update the blog when they send me files.

    Seems like they got an device which can run homebrew on 3.50 but i think they are releasing an downgrader as well as the support guy told me.

    Finally, from the video's caption: The 3.50 firmware is now Jailbreaked, no more need to downgrade !

    The dongle can launch homebrews on PS3 with 3.50 firmware, without downgrade !

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Jes03 Guest
    3.50 has been jailbreaked. Check this out (video added to first post).

    I'm not sure if its legit as I never believe videos but here it is anyway.

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    Apr 2005
    I moved your post here, and the video is now added in the first post... +Rep to Dotz and Jes03.

    Also a rough translation of this news from L-S:
    And this is the third major advance in the world of hack Playstation 3: The jailbreak firmware 3.50 the PS3 by Team X3 with X3max without downgrade! After the jailbreak firmware up to 3.41, then downgrade the firmware 3.50, now Team that X3 has managed to run homebrew on official firmware 3.50 without downgrading! The downgrade is also possible.

    The announcement is important, and Logic-Sunrise has done well to have bet on this team. 2 big questions:

    - Games like Gran Turismo 5 (requires firmware 3.50) work?

    - This update is compatible with the X3max? Is it free?

    We have that kind of information on LS in a few hours, but the feedback I have from them show a free and compatibility with X3max with an update, but I prefer to have confirmation. Until we have more information, a video of the feat. Knowing the team, comments calling into doubt the hack team by 3.50 X3 will be punishable by banishment to LS.

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    bsensed Guest
    I still think they all say they have it incoming just because they don't want to stay behind or lose sales... I surely don't think they all found themselves a solution...

    Time will tell.

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    dragonsan Guest
    Cool, i would give money for that but since i have a Teensy2.0++ i just wait for a reverse engineered version for my dongle. Now all we ALL need to do is wait.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Seems like pretty amazing news if its legit.

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    chrykel Guest
    Ps3: it also does homebrew!

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    Dotz Guest
    I'm sure its legit and the guy told me they have an downgrade option as well so i'm just waiting for the video of the downgrade process, nevertheless this is pretty amazing i reckon we can start playing gt5 soon

    and x3max have a pretty solid rep.

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    FMAranda Guest
    This is better than downgrade. Is it a debug fw? There are Title Store Previews.

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    Dotz Guest
    He told me it will work on retail consoles. But i'm 100 percent sure its legit since they told me about the program which can flash any .hex into the x3max 2 days prior to release.

    Update: His on msn atm on away mode when he comes on online mode i'll try and get more info from him, but he told me that they are going to release later today or early tomorrow.

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