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    Video: PS3 DS3 L3/R3 Controller Relocation Mod in Action

    I play a lot of Socom Confrontation, and quite often I would accidentally hit the 2 analog buttons which in most cases would lead to certain death.

    So the other night I cracked open my DS3 and did a little PS3 controller modding.

    Below is a video of my PS3 DS3 L3/R3 Controller Relocation Mod in action. I figured I would make a little guide for the other gamers with heavy thumbs.

    Videos Part 1 and Part 2 are below.. Enjoy!

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    I moved your post to the Site News and gave ya +Rep curpee89.

    You will find that things like this generally are not seen by many users unless they are submitted to the Site News and then get auto-copied to the Forum for discussion.


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    10/10 this is a great guide also for those who play need for speed also and use the analogues to accelerate then press R3 by accident and it pauses the game on a corner and searches for friends online !!! If anyone wishes to make me one and sell me one let me know cus I hardly have time to play the ps3 having a 3 year old and a 8 month old screaming all the time so just pm me TX!!!

    Bloody great guide m8 THANK YOU.

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    This is kind of hard to do, I would say..

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    cool mod. Could come in handy!

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