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Thread: Video: PS3 Custom Firmware with Blu-ray Player Support Arrives

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    mjgdroid Guest

    Video: PS3 Custom Firmware with Blu-ray Player Support Arrives

    Similar to PS3 Acid CFW and PS3 Rebug, this PS3 Custom Firmware for Retail PlayStation 3 consoles includes Blu-ray Player support.

    Download: PS3 CFW Retail to Keep Your Blu-ray v4 STABLE / PS3 CFW Retail v3

    This is just a first come first serve, don't use this because you will lose JailBreak. This is nice to use for the fact that it puts the apps_home and game install and homebrew folder on your xmb, this has been done by, ACID, REBUG, and myself. Although we haven't made them into PUPs, you can certainly add the app_home, and install folder to XMB.

    Try it Before You Buy it. If you don't like it Return. That being said, try CFW Retail just use comgenie to transfer files from your dev_flash folder to you usb folder and replace /vhs folder with one provided. Then run a custom usb loader of your choice.

    PUP coming soon, that should re-enable blu-ray. Am busy testing so be patient

    1. New fixes to xmb moved a few more things around
    2. Did not take away anything might have added a few things actually.
    3. Boots using any 3.41 payload, spoof or not hermes or Pl3

    CFWreligion posted on youtube, it has a custom xmb. The first thing you will notice is a new icon inbetween videos and games, this is the Apps Home icon. Apps Home is were the /app_home is install packages. Quick register, title store, title preview have been moved to PSN. The video has the TV packages so if you had hulu or netflix before it should show up there.

    Games is the same, network is modified a little, psn is modified a little, BUT NOTHING IS TAKEN AWAY. Along with Playstation Home, I felt like cleaning up afterwards so all psn based apps/pkg are on psn category. I would like some help, so reply if you're interested.

    I like CFWprophet's debug, I also like REBUG, but I like to have blu-ray, so maybe i will make a usb dongle with all 3 to load different ones, but for now seen this will work. Feature goals talk to people get help would be impliment a FSN or (Fake Sony Network) to download apps, and games, maybe use help from the mhs store or psxstore or brewology.

    This would help us by bringing us together, then create a chat and or game network, maybe with the help of proxy support and xkai, or the cloud. We have wonderful coders and the sky is the limit when we can write in xml and have it shown on a PS3.

    I have put together a tutorial on how to install CFW Retail. Follow this tutorial or you risk breaking your console, but now we have the service JIG! Sony nor I are not Responsible if you brick you console or do anything other than CFW Retail is intended for. Sony corp. All rights reserved. If you do happen to brick you console you will still be able to fix it with Service Mode.

    You have been warned! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    -You must be on Firmware 3.41-

    1. Copy the CFW Retail folder over to a USB stick
    2. Jailbreak your console with a 3.41 hermbesv4b or suppliment
    3. Install an FTP or Comgenie Awesome Filemanager v6
    4. Install Mount dev_fflash or dev_Alejandro or Awsome mount point manager
    5. Load one of the mount point managers and mount dev_flash as dev_fflash or dev_usb00*
    6. Load Comgenie Awesome Filemanager or FTP
    7. Enter the dir dev_fflash on the LEFT side
    9. Now mount the dev_usb001 drive with the CFW Retail /vhs on the right side
    10. Press select to enter advanced mode and then O.

    |WARNING| At this point you can brick your console if you are not careful!
    This should transfer the files of /vhs to the dev_flash drive.
    This is what we want.

    CFW Retail v3 This has minor XMB changes, and fixes a few bugs with life with playstation. The damn thing keeps updating and moving on me...
    • Has New Apps Home category
    • Has Tv apps under network, video apps now show up.
    • Has two folders for homebrew, one folder under nieth games, and another under Apps Home
    • Has Life with Playstation, (Cough didnt think it was fair that ACID TOOK IT AWAY) {Sony Cough}
    • Has Quick install not activated, maybe later also has tilte store and title preview

    What doesn't have is loss of blu-ray playability {Cough REBUG } {Sony Cough}

    Sorry to bash, but I want the every day user to know that Rebug kills Blu-ray if you follow his instructions to the T. ACID has no life with playstation, because it wasn't necessary, All this sounds like Sony All over again. So for the everyday user I am going to update this into hopefully a PUP and then an open community interactive CFW.

    Has TV apps under video, video apps won't show up.
    Link to CFW retail with new Apps Home

    This isn't a pup, or a pkg, to use this you must be able to transfer the vsh files over to the dev_flash. To simply use an FTP or a file transfer of your choice to replace the files in vsh with the ones in this download.

    This will create a new Apps Home, along with a few other cosmetic adjustments I hope you enjoy, this is only the begging look for updates.

    There is a second version coming soon. The current version has, the TV apps under videos, but when that happens the netflix, and hulu apps disappear, so the next version will have TV apps under network, but netflix and hulu will still be under video.

    Also, if you have any ideas suggestoins, don't like the layout, want install packages removed from games along with /app_home let me know; these are all things that need to be disscused.

    [imglink=|Video: PS3 Custom Firmware with Blu-ray Player Support Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I moved this from the KaKaRoToKS thread and checked the date on the post, it appears this is a few days older than KaKaRoToKS PS3 CFW and doesn't use a .PUP yet.

    I also promoted it to the main page now for you.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    I have Rebug installed and I have complete BD playback in or out of JB.

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    sharp30 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    I have Rebug installed and I have complete BD playback in or out of JB.
    second that, i installed rebug last night and have not lost blu ray playback.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Nice one and just to clarify.. we have life with playstation.

    It just wasn't in in case its not a final version and we doesn't have seen a need to put it in now.

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    evilsperm Guest
    Yeah this guy has no clue what he's talking about lol and we have a Rebug pup coming out a little bit later today

    Cyberskunk is finishing up the payload on it now

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    tonybologna Guest
    Are you serious? Great work guys!

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    Aba Guest
    Where is this guy getting his info?? Oh, Love his attempt to sound high and mighty.

    "Sorry to bash" "but everyone else releases suck and mine doesnt"

    [★teamHAK] making another attempt to get the credit for others work?

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    mjgdroid Guest
    how do i edit my thread?

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    You can't after a few minutes time limit, but if you want me to add an update in the first post I can do that for you sure.

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