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Thread: Video: PS3 Acid CFW Project WIP - More Debug Options Enabled!

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    Riskyblam Guest
    Awesome work devil303 very impressive , love the background and icons you rule. Thanks for your time on this project cfw is what everyone wants. Ps. Sleep is for lightweights lol

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    condorstrike Guest
    wow, awesome work, keep it up...

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    zyxes Guest
    Impressive theme you guys have got there. Is that also homebrew?? Makes me hungry or smokey or whatever...

    Nice work btw.

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    Dotz Guest
    Amazing work guys

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    shawn808 Guest
    Love the white widow =}...

    The CFW is nice too...

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    solrac1974 Guest
    Great progress, thanks to all Devs working on this project! Keep the good working guys!

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    masternoah Guest
    Hey so is your other release of the XML hack just for developers? or can jb users do it?

    I got 3.41 JB.

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    killer124 Guest
    made in austria? voigas burschn, der nächste ofn geht auf mi!

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    bernywtf Guest
    that's nice, but.. i quite don't get it, what have you got access to?

    the second screen is quite blurry, i can only read "the game" or something among these lines.

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    costocart Guest
    great progress. keep up the good work!

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