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Thread: Video: PS JailBreak PS3 Modchip Video Guide in HD Arrives!

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    Video: PS JailBreak PS3 Modchip Video Guide in HD Arrives!

    Earlier today we saw the PS JailBreak dissected, and now we have a new video from modsupplier via YouTube of the PS JailBreak PS3 modchip video guide in HD!

    To quote from the video's caption: "Here is the official introduction video from for the PS Jailbreak PS3 modchip, we show how to setup the backup manager, how to backup your games and some general tips and tricks to using the PS Jailbreak.

    This is the world's first PS3 mod chip and sure to be a hit, if anyone has any questions about the PS Jailbreak feel free to email us anytime.

    No this video is not fake, this is about the third one to be uploaded and confirmed real. If you are looking to expand your PS3 console the PS Jailbreak is your ticket to doing so."

    [imglink=|Video: PS JailBreak PS3 Modchip Video Guide in HD Arrives!][/imglink]
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    First of all I would like to apologize for the off topic comment and don't get me wrong, I'm as happy as anyone waiting for 3 years and a half for this...

    I've had this stuck in my throat for some time now and since the board was locked in the last few days, I need to say this right now - WTF... The console has been locked for like 4 years, with small advances over the years and on the brink of a breakthrough through hacking, a company buys the jig from someone and just modifies and clones it to make profit?

    Jeeeesh That would have happened even If no dev had spent years of his life looking for exploits and trying to hack the console. (and don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming the devs, they tried their best and advanced a lot even without the memory dumps that came through geohot exploit this year... and Sony did a great job on ps3 security, btw) That is just plain stupid... Sounds like a movie or something...

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    I agree, it's quite ironic indeed how it ended up happening... using Sony's own JIG to run backups on a retail PS3 console. At some point I am sure more of the Sony JIG info and pics of it will also leak out, so that the public can learn a little more about how it all works and how it was done.

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