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    Video: PS JailBreak Guide and Uncharted 2 Gameplay on PS3 Slim

    There is definitely no shortage of PS JailBreak video footage, with the next one coming from French Team XavBox showcasing Uncharted 2 gameplay on Sony's PS3 Slim console.

    They also have posted up a French PS JailBreak Installation guide and some pictures.

    Below is the video of Uncharted 2 Gameplay Footage on PS3 Slim with PS JailBreak alongside a rough translation of the PS3 JailBreak guide.

    To quote: "During the holidays, it's hot, we needed someone to motivate test PSJailbreak, and it is Jean-Luc who performed the tests on the chip.

    Installing the PS3 PS JailBreak Chip:

    - The PS3 must have software version 3.41
    - The PS3 should be unplugged to the slim version or switch off the PS3 with FAT.

    - Put the chip psjailbreak USB into a USB port of PS3 console off completely (not standby).
    - Connect or turn the switch ON the PS3.
    - Turn on the PS3 with the power button and immediately press EJECT to activate the chip.

    - The LEDs light up the smart red and green at the same time
    - The chip is PsJailbreak is operational when the LED is GREEN

    - If the LED turns RED, it must repeat the operation.
    - It works at every startup if you adhere to the walking track.
    - Turn and press eject once

    - The green LED chip PS3 is on, we'll take over the chip that is now operational.
    - Milestone has made only once: Installation manager on the hard disk of the PS3.
    - Formatting a USB key to FAT32 and put the file Manager.pkg the root of the USB key
    - Put the USB key named Manager.pkg on the second USB port of the PS3.
    - Install the package by clicking the Files folder and then Manager.pkg

    - That's over, it should take 30 seconds since the start of operations ...!
    - You can remove the USB key containing the installation file manager PS3, but not DIE!

    PS JailBreak Test Video:

    Test PSJailBreak Chip Functions:

    - Launch manager who can copy and run games from the PS3 hard drive from the console or a USB hard drive (watch some games bigger than others can be stored on the internal hard disk of the PS3).
    - A new version of the manager is out in the week to indicate to the user or it can not copy the game on the hard disk drive.
    - All games can be copied to the PS3 internal hard drive.
    - Manager previously installed on the hard disk
    - The backup in the drive will be copied to the PS3 hard drive: O support round

    - Install game: O (Round)
    - Deleting a game: (Triangle)
    - Starting a game: (X Cross)

    - The manager after 4 games installed on the hard disk.
    - Launching the game MX vs. ATV then Uncharted 2.

    - Start the game with X and validate cross to start the game chosen from the hard disk of the PS3.
    - Note that you must always leave a PS3 game (any) in the Blu-ray.
    - Amazed by the speed of loading games from the PS3 hard drive, this test will put an end to all those who have shouted to fake... The chip is real and working.
    - Note that there is no need to disassemble the PS3 or ribbon plug, just the chip was uncertain PS3 via USB!
    - Please note that you must have the original games that you copy!"

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    More pics for the first post...

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