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    PSJailBreak Updater v1.2

    Another day, another update.. this time to PSJailBreak Updater v1.2 attached below. From their site:

    We would like to apologize for an error in our PS Upgrader. Please download our new version 1.2 that has had all bugs corrected. Thank you for your understanding and continued support. PS Jailbreak and PS Downgrade are now available for download.
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    PS Upgrader 1.3 is released, and the changelog:
    We have received numerous compatibility complaints across different windows platforms. We have repaired all issues concerning file save directory, 64 bit windows integration and file corruption. Now you just install fresh version, click receive updates and enjoy! We appreciate your feedback and support. Downgrading is now accessible and free to all past and future clients

    Enjoy your original PS Jailbreak. We invented the industry and were also leading the way! Donít get stuck with inferior products or clones, by now you should all know that PS Jailbreak leads and everyone else tries to copy. Wholesalers please contact us for new pricing, marketing material and Christmas specials.
    Greets Modmate
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