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Thread: Video: PlayStation Move Demo Disc Exploit via PS3 JailBreak

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    Video: PlayStation Move Demo Disc Exploit via PS3 JailBreak

    Today HKKory has shared a video of what he calls a PlayStation Move demo disc exploit via PS3 JailBreak, however, as PSGroove points out the console is already JailBroken so this isn't really an exploit and won't likely lead to anything.

    To quote: "The PS3 homebrew news has seemed to slow down, a lot. So I thought I would start making some news. I noticed the demo disc that came with my move, runs off the XMB, and installs demos.

    I pondered if the same method could be used for homebrew, or whatever. I backed it up with my manager, and looked in the files. I realized the installs were DATA000.PKG so I renamed a emulator to that, copied it over to move folder, and installed it.

    Now I'm not a coder, so I would like to turn this news over to anyone that could make some use of it to further our efforts. But please, remember to credit me, if you work further upon this discovery.

    Here are the details:

    - Back up Move Demo Disc (10GB)
    - Select Install Disc
    - Make sure a Disc is in the Drive
    - Open Your File Manager
    - Open Dev0HD
    - Go to folder with rips
    - Navigate to BCUS-98263
    - PS3_EXTRA
    - D001 - D012 have the pkg files.
    - Rename desired .pkg to DATA000.PKG (USE CAPITALS ON THE .PKG)
    - Paste back into D001
    - Go to XMB, Select the disc, Select the second tab (Or the one you change)
    - Install, and launch.

    I also managed to get my PlayStation to ask me to install firmware on my HDD, the screen you get when you put in a new HDD. Just put a blank .pkg file and try to install it.

    If you do not have the move disc, I can supply the files to make your own. Minimal size, not the 10GB. This could be something, or nothing at all. But a new way to install your pkgs at least."

    [imglink=|Video: PlayStation Move Demo Disc Exploit via PS3 JailBreak][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    fosser2 Guest
    honestly i think that this will lead nowhere because the console is already jailbroken. even if you could get the disc to install a pkg file you still need it authorized to play on an official fw and that isn't gonna happen... kind of a neat find though. it intrigued me because i have this disc already.

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    scousetomo Guest
    maybe this may come to nothing but i think the guy deserves a pat on the back for discovering any exploit or weakness where the the devs can work away at but lets just hope we can downgrade are ps3's real soon.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I actually had this thought a couple weeks ago when I was down vacationing, even borrowed the disk just for the purpose of understanding it better. Between my talks with cfwprophet, I was also informed of another disk that does this "hybrid-mode" disk. (I think it was modern warfare 2 collectors edition or something like that) I decided it was pointless unless we could write back to the xmb firmware permanently.

    Look forward to my full disclosure of my INCOMPLETE /* */ project soon... I hit a wall, but the progress was nice.

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    modmate Guest
    Thats exactly how i get High Velocity Bowling to work weeks ago. I don't remember where, but that was figured out before. Anyway good to see these news here finally.

    Greets Modmate

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    dragonsan Guest
    you have done simply nothing just switched the pkg files from the disc.

    the disc has nothing to do with the install process. it's like you put fanta syrup into the cola tank and the machine will give you fanta rather than cola.

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    costocart Guest
    This particular quote caught my attention:
    [QUOTEI also managed to get my PlayStation to ask me to install firmware on my HDD, the screen you get when you put in a new HDD. Just put a blank .pkg file and try to install it.[/QUOTE]
    is he talking about ext hdd? does this mean he doesn't have to format the ext hdd using fat32? if so then this is a big news indeed. anyways props to that guy.

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    SaveU Guest
    This is the same thing I did with the nhl11 game weeks ago. The NHL 11 disk has that 3on3 hockey demo on it. You can just replace the Demo.pkg with whatever you want and it will install that instead.

    But seeing as the ps3 is already jailbroken, and we can install .pkg already its not a big deal.

    If we were still stuck using the demo installers, and transferring modified files over ftp just to install like we were in the beginning, then this would be good. But we passed this roadblock long ago.

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    xxxgizmoxxx Guest
    What is going on with the scene lately? Dead would be an understatement! Did everyone update so they could play GT5

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    tragedy Guest
    This is now a standard feature, which was added around SDK 3.30. As the packages still have to be signed by Sony on a non-jailbroken PS3, it doesn't really gain us anything over an HTTP proxy to replace one of the many things from the XMB that download and install (e.g. FAH, video editor, the TV apps, etc).

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