Today nickdegrande has shared some videos detailing both replacement posters and a custom trailer in Sony's recently released PlayStation Home.

To quote from the video captions:

"Replaced the posters by my own posters Home showing my posters "

"PS3 Home theatre, all posters replaced with GT5 poster and big screen playing pineapple express trailer"

The videos are available below via YouTube... Cheers!

How to Mod PlayStation Home with your own Posters and Movies:

1) First download Apache HTTP Server 2.2:

2) Then download Simple DNS Plus:

3) Install Apache server and Simple DNS Plus (in Apache if it asks for a server just put in your IP address)

4) Then go to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\htdocs

5) Download the files ( and extract the c.home map to the directory from Step 4.

6) Then open Simple DNS Plus and click on records, and click on Quick zone wizard. Then put in as zone name "" for Europe or "" for USA (without the quotes) and in Web server IP your own IP address so it looks like this:

7) Then click OK, now go in htdocs to c.home\prod\live\Screens. There are the xml files for the screens now open like CinemaChannels.xml, in that file are all the posters and movies you see in the theatre. Change like:

[Register or Login to view code]


[Register or Login to view code]

8) Then in Auditorium Screen 7 you will now see the PineappleExpress trailer. I think you now know how to do it for the posters

Note: If you change something you MUST restart PlayStation Home! Also, CinemaChannels.xml is just to show you can do that in the marketplace.

Update: Here is another video rogelio11 sent in via e-mail:

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