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    Apr 2010
    i'm keen.

    might order some

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    Feb 2009
    29 euros in not low cost compared to what's out there. This LOOKS like it should cost a lot less than the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waleed View Post
    ''128kB FLASH onchip memory for emulation of devices with huge payloads!''

    how much kbs is the biggest payload available?and how much minimum memory recommended for any board?is 16kb enough?
    128kb will be plenty for future considerations. Yeah, 16kb is the minimum and there's gonna be updates to even allow the booting of Linux from smaller flash memory boards.

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    Have some nice new infos about the price.

    their wholesale prices ARE low cost as follows:

    50pcs+ ... 9.99€
    100pcs+ ... 8.00€
    200pcs+ ... 7.00€
    500pcs+ ... 5.50€
    1000pcs+ ... 5.00€
    2000pcs+ ... 4.50€
    5000pcs+ ... 4.00€

    Looks like common good business practise of keeping the retail price "reseller friendly"
    Hope that now every one will be happy

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    Feb 2009
    now that should keep reseller prices low.

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    Nice Stick!!

    I hope you will buy all these games. So you can support those developers to develop more great games. Otherwise you won't able to use the stick!

    Greatzz OSX_ION_X32

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    Jul 2008
    Oh boy...

    I wil do another vid and showing some games booting also i will show that the PL3 payload works just fine with p3j.

    And only for you i will present all my games i have

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    That's what i'm talkin' about! Really i'm a 100 % PC User, I love the way you can modify hardware and software on the pc. But men!! The PS3 should do what its best and that is:

    GAMING! And men i love gaming. So in this case your piece of hardware I can use to backup all my PS3 Games and play withouth the orig. BD. It's like using DeamonTools on the pc. So dude I will use your hardware on my PS3 RIG. And YES I always buy original games.

    So keep up the good work!

    Greetz MerleAtmo

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