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Thread: Video: Oblivion and Fallout 3 PC Mods Running via PS3 Hack

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    Video: Oblivion and Fallout 3 PC Mods Running via PS3 Hack

    Today (linked above) reports that Elders Scroll: Oblivion and Fallout 3 PC mods are running on the PlayStation 3 using a PS3 hack on both JailBroken and Custom Firmware consoles, and 950931alonso has created a video and guide of the process.

    Download: Elders Scroll: Oblivion Mods on PS3 Guide / Oblivion PS3 Mods (includes Midas Spells of Aurum 0995, Shadowcreek Vineyard, Waldelf Modified Jungles Nude Spell + Female EyeCandy Body Raplacer 1.0 and Eshmes Bodies v2) / Oblivion PS3 Mods / Agiel's Oblivion Plugins / Oblivion Mod FAQs

    To quote: The hacking scene is abuzz with reports that you can now run PC mods for both Elders Scroll: Oblivion and Fallout 3 on your PS3.

    Anyone who has a jailbreaked PS3 can do so and we have seen evidence which proves the same. A user at one of the biggest PS3 hacking forums had this to say:

    Thanks Denero, I got all these mods to work:

    - The box of wonders (All weapons All ammo)
    - Weight8000 (carry more items)
    - No Degradation
    - Skeleton key
    - Speed Glasses

    A video has also emerged on youtube which shows Elders Scroll Oblivion PC mods being run on the PS3.

    Finally, another brief Fallout 3 guide based on THIS thread is below:

    The following tutorial will teach you on how to get Fallout New Vegas Mods on PS3. To do this you need:
    • A mod. I used THIS one as i knew the location of the mod as it is Doc's house.
    • FALLOUT.INI from your backup of Fallout NV. You can get it to your PC via the useual ways.

    1. Download your files to your pc

    2. Rename the mod file something shorter for ease. I used dev1.esp

    3. Open FALLOUT.INI and go to STestFile2= and enter the name of the mod e.g - STestFile2=dev1.esp

    4. Search for sEssentialFileCacheListE= and go along and put " DATA/DEV1.ESP," behind one of the , already there.

    5. Save FALLOUT.INI upload it back to your PS3 and put the mod file dev1.esp into your DATA folder for Fallout New Vegas.

    6. If you had previously been playing Fallout New Vegas without restarting your PS3 then reload the game via OM / BM / GM

    This hasn't been testing on loads of mods so you may find problems with other mods. Good luck.

    [imglink=|Video: Oblivion and Fallout 3 PC Mods Running via PS3 Hack][/imglink]
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    clementz Guest
    looks good i love Fallout.

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    WheedWhack3R Guest
    awesome. nice creativity. I'd like to see a port of the adults only mods from these games to really laugh it up.

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    Gendor23 Guest
    Wow, we knew about this when New Vegas came out... how is this news?

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    Everyone can post news in the Member News section, so if you have better news by all means get off your rear and contribute.

    Although this news may not be new, the video and guide are as it just made N4G news today, so that is why I posted it here also. I generally post any PS3 hacks related news I find there daily and will continue to do so.

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    iloveyou Guest
    Where is the Readme for Fallout ? Or is it the same as for oblivion ?

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    I imagine it's similar to Oblivion or he would have posted a separate one, but if anyone is bored and wants to try contacting the maker via YouTube I can update the first post if there is a different one for Fallout 3.

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    dp1005 Guest
    can no one afford a tripod for their cameras. They're like 10 bucks at walmart.

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    stallbc Guest
    It was simple to do this with New Vegas...

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    condorstrike Guest
    Yeah Boss, been a member myself of N4G for years, but the stupid childish fan-boy wars over there make it hard to enjoy the site, nevertheless they do come up with freaky and important news.

    so yeah all of you guys, contribute and become a part of the best PS3news site in the web.

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