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    Registered User tjay17's Avatar
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    Where can I find the mods for these two games?

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    well i was looking at oblivionmodwiki.com, and followed the readme file, but not had any luck...

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    i got my version of oblivion GOTY euro today so i have to ask, can this messing with game be used somehow if i encounter infamous curing Vampirism bug?

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    Thumbs Up Oblivion pc mods on PS3

    Never thought my video was going to be so popular but was taken down due to copyright from Zenimax media inc. Soon I will be uploading some mods I ported to ps3

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    After a bit of messing around and searching, it seems as though this will only work for 3.41 JB with Hermes payload. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't get any mods to work correctly with 3.55 kmeaw CFW.

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    Thumbs Up Oblivion pc mods on PS3

    Here's the link for a couple of mods:

    Already modded for ps3 3.41 OFW with usb dongle (Hermes v4b)

    Midas Spells of Aurum 0995

    Shadowcreek Vineyard

    Waldelf Modified Jungles Nude Spell + Female EyeCandy Body Raplacer 1.0

    Eshmes Bodies v2


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    So will this work with 3.55 CFW or only 3.41?

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    I don't know, never tested on cfw only tested 3.41 OFW with usb dongle (Hermes v4b)

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    They are not working on 3.55 kmeaw. The game continually throws the "game disk has been ejected" errors. At least I know now that it's nothing that I did. If someone can try with Waninkoko's v2 3.55 CFW, that would be helpful. I guess it still pays to be on 3.41 in some respects!

    I guess I've spoken too soon! After updating my backup loaders to the latest version, at least the Eshme's Body Mod is now working! I haven't tested the others. They will have to wait until tomorrow. Thanks for your work on those mods, 950931!
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    Your welcome. It just sucks that youtube took down my video.


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