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Thread: Video: NZHawk Awesome PeekPoke Arrives, Dumps Live PS3 Ram

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    datalogger Guest
    I use Blackbox's LV2 Dumper with no problems. Dumping before and after loading a title tells a lot about where the temp storage buffers are, so you know what areas to ignore in IDA.

    NZHawk makes it look like soon there will be a way to load "Live" patch files from Awesome PeekPoke... a very nice feature.

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    modmate Guest
    I just want to push this thread a little cause of the latest update for the "AWESOME Update finder".

    A nice tool to get your DL links for updates and patches without the use of your ps3 console!!

    Greets Modmate

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    Apr 2005


    Or see this guide that lets you do it with just your normal Web browser:

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    evilsperm Guest
    sad thing is when trying to download debugs through the urls or even NZHawks tool it will shut you down fast lol, I think sony already fixed their debug urls to need a login.

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    m3dteam Guest
    Is it just me or did you guys also notice that the dump size is 8MB while the ps3 has two rams each 256MB.

    If somebody already knows, why can't we dump the full ram?

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    condorstrike Guest

    PSPoke Updated to v1.1

    PSPoke v1.1 ChangeLog:

    Version 1.1:

    Quick Fix for launching a payload file rather than entering each byte one by one.

    Version 1.0:

    - Initial release.
    - Known Bugs.
    - Freeze-out if you are not connected from a PC
    - PSPoke enters a deadlock state for a tenative connection, causing a deadlock on the black screen. To resolve this problem, restart the PS3, or connect to PSPoke via the terminal.
    - Treat it as a beta!

    Next news:

    Awesome Poker Peek unite and PSPoke.
    Fix a few remaining errors.


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